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Welcome to! If you are looking for detailed tutorials and inspiration for wood, metal, and concrete do-it-yourself projects, you’ve come to the right place.

I hope to inspire you with a collection of unique projects for your home, each with varying degrees of difficulty. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of crafts or a DIY newbie, I provide top quality tutorials to help you create appealing pieces you can be proud of. I let you know the best tools for the job and create some of the most in-depth video tutorials on the web, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I hope to be a reliable resource for all your DIY endeavors, so don’t be a stranger!


1. Subscribe to my Youtube channel so you can watch all the latest project videos. They break down each step to make building projects easy. You can also see all of my videos by clicking on the videos tab in the main menu. In the video below I break down the steps involved in making a Farmhouse style dining table. This is one of the most popular projects on


DIY-PETE-Podcast-Logo I have a couple episodes that I’d highly recommend listening to if you are wanting to get started with woodworking and DIY Projects. The podcast is full of helpful DIY tips and tricks. I also interview artists, expert craftspeople, and inspiring DIY’ers to share their stories with you.  Simply click on a link to go to the podcast where you can either listen on your computer or subscribe on iTunes. Podcasts are great to listen to on your commute, while running errands, while walking the dog, or when you are at the gym. Episode 2: How to Get into Woodworking and the Best Free Resources to Learn from Episode 3: The Tools You Need to Get Started in Woodworking Click here for the Complete List of Podcast Episodes

Step 2: Learn the tools of the trade

First off, let me tell you that you don’t have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on tools. You can get started by borrowing tools from friends, finding used tools on Craigslist, or by slowly building up your inventory from local stores or Amazon. Check out my Resources Page to see my recommendations on what tools you’ll want to start acquiring.

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Step 4: Check out the top 5 DIY PETE Project Tutorials

1. Farmhouse Dining Table 2. Concrete Table 3. Rustic Coffee Table 4. Double Chair Patio Bench 5. Cornhole Toss Game Set  To see more wood projects, simply click on the “Wood” tab in the main menu. Metal Projects are under “Metal” and concrete projects are under “Concrete.”


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I really appreciate your support and am excited to get to know all of you. I hope to help, inspire, and provide accountability so we all take action and build some cool stuff. Cheers from Montana!


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  • Justin Bond

      Looks amazing Justin! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Collin Grimes

    Pete. Love the site. I’m looking forward to building some of your projects in the future. Heads up, a couple of the links on your favorite tools page need some attention. First, the 12 inch sliding Miter saw links to a 10 inch. Second, the Ryobi router is a dead link. You dont need to approve this comment, but as a fellow blogger I thought I’d point them out for you. Cheers. – Collin.


      Hi Collin! Thanks so much for taking the time to say hi!

      We’ll have to take a look and update the links. Thanks so much for reaching out and I hope all is going well with you site too! Please share the URL with us 🙂 Cheers!

  • Tom Sandager

    Hi Pete! Thank you for all the inspiration. It’s been a fun year of building and thinking of project ideas. Right now I’m using pre-finished plywood (Columbia Forest PureBond) for kitchen cabinets and was wondering if this is something I need to put a sealant on. I didn’t think so but we’re about to install them and didn’t want to leave any question unanswered or job undone. Again, thank you for all the help and ideas!


      Hey Tom! I’ve not used the Columbia product before, you might contact them if you haven’t already. Sounds like a fun project you have going with the cabinets. Best of luck!

  • Melissa Derilo


    I love your videos! I was looking to make a homemade kegorator for a Christmas gift within exterior wood covering to match the ice chest that at I made. Would you consider doing a video on making a kegorator?




      Hi Melissa! Thanks so much for the kind words. I think a Kegorator would be a super cool project. I will have to try and add that one to the list. Probably wouldn’t happen for awhile, but if I am able to get to one I’ll holler 🙂 Check out Pinterest in the mean time for some ideas, I’m sure you will be able to figure it out and make an awesome matching kegorator! – Cheers , – Pete

  • Carter Sanger

    Pete, I’m looking to make a pour-in-place concrete countertop for an outdoor kitchen. Do you have a recommendation for a concrete mixture that will maximize workability and minimize cracking? Thanks


      Hey Carter! A pour in place will be a fun project. I’ve been successful with the basic quikrete 5000 on outdoor projects. You might think about doing a 2 inch top so you can add some rebar to it. Use a float to bring the cream to the surface before you get to the troweling. I’ve used other mixes, but for the price and durability I’ve been just fine with the $5 mixes vs the $40 mixes.

      • Carter Sanger

        Thanks Pete. On your concrete table page you mention Portland Cement with the quikrete 5000. Does this help? If so, what is the ratio of cement to quikrete and does this change the amount of water needed? Thanks again.

        • DIYPETE

          Yes, you can add a little extra to the mixture if you’d like, but you should be able to float up enough to be fine with. You’d need to add a bit more water to get the same consistency you are shooting for.

      • Carter Sanger

        Pete, one more question on the concrete countertop. If I use trim pine board instead of melamine for the edge form, will there be much difference in the finish?

        • DIYPETE

          Hey Carter! If you are planning to pull the pine boards off when it is setting up and not fully cured then you’ll be able to use your float and trowel to give the sides a nice finish. The melamine basically has a perfectly flat finish with a coating. So the coating makes it pop away cleanly and the concrete resembles the flat surface. Concrete against pine can replicate the slight grain of the wood etc, and it doesn’t pop away as cleanly. But for pour in place counters, I have used them and they work fine. Cheers!

  • Gene Stuart

    Pete, Thank you so much for the patio cooler plans. I’ve made approximately 17 coolers over the past 6 months and been getting a great response. Here’s a few pics of my work. Thanks again!

    • diypete

      You’ve got this cooler dialed in! Well done, they look amazing!

  • LIz

    Hello, pete I am trying to build the hutch but with different dimensions, what soft ware do you use for your designs.


      Hi Liz! I use Google Sketchup – Free Version.

  • Brandon Brown


    Do you have plans for some picnic tables?


      Hi Brandon! Not currently — I’d recommend checking out in the meantime to see if she has any plans available.

  • Brent Madsen

    I modified the plans for the farmhouse table to use in a smaller space, and also allow seating on the ends of the table. I had previously made a 60 inch by 40 inch table top by using solid oak stair treads (12 in X 1 in X 40 in) and using the Kreg jig to screw them together. I had a nice table top, but originally used some flimsy 2 in diameter legs that were screwed into metal brackets on the underside of the table top. This table was top heavy, and moved every time you came in contact with it. Very unstable. That is when I came across your website and great table bottom support. I moved the ends in about 10 inches, thus allowing seating on the ends of the table. Since I probably couldn’t match the stain and look to match the table top, I painted the entire bottom with black paint. Great look, and needless to say, this table is very study and doesn’t move a millimeter when you lean against it. Thanks for sharing the plans for a great looking and functional table.

    Brent Madsen

    • Brent, thanks a million for sharing the story of your dining table and the photos below! I love hearing about this and am glad that you have such a nice piece of furniture now. Be proud of your work, you’ve done an awesome job! Take care. Cheers from Montana!

  • sikota kazungo

    hi Pete! i am just a starter on your channel and i can tell you that am actually impressed with your work so far. Well may i make mention that ah, i too i have project(s) quite similar to yours though am just getting started. One of the projects is the sign post project and i thought you could make another video on the same but using ”metal” and not wood, or you already have?

  • Tony B.

    Hi Pete! I have a suggestion for a possible next project idea! Have you ever thought about doing a DIY video on how to make your own sliding barn door(s)? I have a closet aching for two sliding barn doors. Thanks again for all of your hard work Pete! We’re all glad for everything you do. (PS. I built the coat rack for my wife and she absolutely loves it.)


      Tony, thats a great idea! I actually have that project in the works, as I have an office door aching for the same thing 😉 I’ll be sure to let you know when its up! Thanks for the support and keep up the DIY mindset! Cheers

  • Jason

    Very cool website! Stumbled across it on my wife’s pinterest “don’t tell my buddies”. Will be building your double bench with table this weekend when done watching husker beat Miami. GO BIG RED!!!


      Thanks Jason! Have a blast building that and be sure to share a final photo, would love to see it! Yeah buddy 😉 GBR!

  • Richard Benny

    HI Pete! This is a fantastic site with amazing resources, I like to entertain lot of people and have got a new place that gives me the opportunity to do that;-) Want to build the farmhouse style dining table that would accommodate around 16 people, the plans that are available are for around 10-12 people, was wondering if you could advice me as to how I could re-dimension the plans.
    Best Regards and keep up the good work!!

  • RJ Easterling

    Hi Pete, just built the outdoor bar! Turned out really good! Do you have any plans for building a bar around a large grill? I would like to use stone on the outside and granite for the top. Keep up the great work!!

    • Hi RJ! Congrats on building the outdoor bar, that’s awesome! I don’t have any plans yet for doing a bar around a large grill, but I’d check out pinterest for some ideas and I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out a plan 🙂 Good luck and have fun, I’d love to see how the projects turn out!!! – Pete

    • Scott Emery

      I am planning on doing a bbq island, and have no idea how to do it 🙂 I think you should do one for us to emulate Pete 🙂

  • Christopher Prestwood

    How can I make a bathroom vanity from a wiskey barrel

    • I’ve seen them done out of full barrels where they cut a hole out for the sink /fixtures in the top and run the piping through the back of the barrel and up to the sink. I’d check out Pinterest for some ideas. I don’t have a tutorial up for that type of project yet unfortunately. Good luck!