DIY Resources

I'll share my favorite tools for DIY projects and everything I do—including camera equipment and business software. I've also got a list of my favorite fellow DIY'ers and some great books to check out, too!

I use a lot of tools and have landed on Dewalt as my favorite brand for power tools. I'm not sponsored or affiliated, I just like their high quality. 

I've also got recs for metal working tools, safety gear, and a few other niche tools.

I use a handful of software products to run my website, organize my email list, and stay inspired. These are affiliate relationships, which means I make a small commission if you buy through my link. They are products that I actually use and believe in!

Here's all the equipment I use to film my Youtube videos. Hardware like cameras, stands, mics, and lighting. And the software and computer setup I use to edit hours and hours of footage for each project.

More heads are better than one! Check out these fellow DIY'ers for more ideas and inspiration. I'm friends with a lot of them and really respect what they're up to 🙂

Get inspired for wood working and concrete projects with books full of great projects! 

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