January 15, 2014

1. How to Build a Farmhouse Dining Table

This 4×4 farm table can be built for under a couple hundred dollars and will look amazing in your home. This table is made out of 2×4's, 2×10's, and 4×4's.


2. How to Build a Rustic Desk

The rustic desk is a simple project that can be made for right around $75.


3. How to Build a Double Chair Patio Bench

The Double chair patio bench is a welcoming piece that will make any porch look good. This entire bench is made out of cedar and sealed with a clear coat of polyurethane.


4. How to Build a Farmhouse Coffee Table

The coffee table is good sized and has a rustic flair. I stained this piece using Walnut stain from Minwax.


5. How to Build a Concrete Table Top

It's amazing to see the projects you can create using concrete. This buffet style table is perfect for the dining room.


Tools I use and Recommend for DIY Projects

Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System

Without a doubt this is one of my favorite woodworking tools. I used to use biscuits and dowels on many of my projects. The problem is you have to wait for the glue to dry. The Kreg Jig system allows pocket holes to be drilled and to connect pieces of wood with screws (that are hidden from the surface) all in a matter of seconds. This is what I commonly use to build great looking tables and furniture. Here is a link showing a table I assembled using the Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System.

Dewalt Miter Saw

Dewalt Miter Saw

Dewalt makes some of the best quality tools on the market and I use this exact same 12″ Miter Saw. I'd recommend buying a 12″ vs 10″ because you can cut wider boards and through 4×4 posts with ease. This tool gets used almost everyday in my shop.

2. Impact Drill and Compact Drill

Having a nice drill will make wood-working much more enjoyable. The newer drills have light lithium batteries with long battery life. I recommend this kit because both drills make DIY projects easier. A compact drill is important for drilling pocket holes and using drill bits to create pilot holes. Impact drills come in very handy when attaching boards without using pocket holes and when you are having trouble with bits stripping. Impact wrenches essentially eliminate the problem of stripping bits.

Jack Clamps


Clamps are a handy tool to have around the shop and for DIY projects. I've used a lot of clamps in my day, and the Jack Clamps are the most versatile and durable clamp I've ever used. In addition to the clamping action, Jack Clamps have a jack function which helps hold up boards when you don't have an extra hand. They also help straighten warped boards when working on decking. If you decide to get a pair, please use my exclusive coupon to save $25.00 during checkout. Use code: 25OFFPS

Orbital Sander


Orbital sanders work quickly and help give your DIY projects a nice smooth finish. I use mine for wood, concrete, and metal projects. This particular DeWalt orbital sander has 5 inch pads that go on and off easily because they attach using velcro.

Circular Saw

Dewalt circular Saw Gift for DiyThe circular saw works well when needing to cut plywood boards and when making longer cuts. It can be used to cut any type of board. Before I had my own miter saw this is what I used to make all my cuts.

Jig Saw

Jig-saw-gift-for-diyerJig saws allow you to mike intricate cuts and notches. You will also be able to cut curves and circles.

Tool Set

tool-set-giftsHaving the tools to get any job done is a lifesaver. Here is a great set that is full of many of the tools that will complete home improvement projects. This set includes good quality sockets, wrenches, screw drivers, allen wrenches, and a number of bits.

Air Compressor

air compressorOnce you have an air compressor and nail guns you'll wonder how you ever got by without them. This kit has three nailers. The smallest is perfect for putting up trim in your home, building picture frames, and trimming out furniture projects. The larger nail guns have the ability to shoot larger nails so you can side a house, nail 2×4's together, and build just about any project imaginable. The small and compact size of the compressor makes it easy to move around. On the same token, it doesn't take up a whole lot of room in the garage to store.

Table Saw

table-saw-gift-for-diy-projectsA table saw will make it possible to rip boards nice and straight. This particular table saw has a stand that collapses for easy storage and transport. The blade depth and angle are adjustable.

Concrete Polisher for Tables and Counters

diy-concrete-table-tools-If you are serious about building concrete tables and counters, you will want to invest in a concrete polisher. These use 5 inch industrial diamond polishing pads that allow you to create a polished concrete counter or table with ease. Simply hook up to a water supply and start polishing! To learn more about concrete table and counter finishes check out my concrete table post!


gift-for-diyer-routerRouters give you the ability to give wood projects rounded edges or pieces with a little more detail. In addition to using the router on furniture, I use it when making picture frames. It allows you to cut the “rabbet” to place a piece of glass in the frame from behind.

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