July 22, 2023

Hey there and thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out the ” How to Build a Backyard Studio Shed ” post with information on how you can tackle the build. This was a really fun and rewarding project and I hope it inspires you to build a shed or backyard office.

In this post, we'll go talk about the benefits of building your own backyard studio or backyard office share some of the steps involved. You'll find a video tutorial that documents the process, links to 8×7 shed plans, and guidance to get you started. If you would like the plans, you can purchase the 50 page downloadable PDF with diagrams and instructions here.

How to build a Backyard Studio Shed

Why build a backyard studio shed?

  • You want a quiet space outside your home to read, write, work, or hangout
  • Your current home office or spare bedrooms are turning into kid's bedrooms or a nursery for a new baby
  • You just don't have the space in your home
  • You need some separation between your work life and home life

Whatever the case, I completely understand and am excited for you to begin researching if building your own backyard studio shed is a good fit for you.

Backyard Studio Shed Video Tutorial

Steps to build a backyard studio

Build the platform

This shed is built on skids so it can be moved if you ever want it located in a different location. It is built on pressure treated 4×4 skids that can be placed on a 4 inch gravel bed, concrete pad, concrete blocks, or concrete piers.

How to build a Backyard Studio Shed

Frame the walls

The walls are framed using 2×4 boards that are spaced 16 inches on center. Window and door openings are framed as needed.

how to build a studio office

Build the roof

Assemble the rafters and secure to the front and rear wall. Add blocking as required and finish the upper sidewalls.

how to build a backyard studio

Add sheathing to the roof

OSB is used to nailed to the rafters to create the roof. Next, drip edge is nailed on to help direct precipitation off the roof.

how to build a backyard office

Install shingles or metal roof

Shingles are an affordable and simple way to cover and protect your roof.

backyard studio plans

Finish the outside

Add soffit, fascia, trim, windows, and paint.

backyard office plans

Finish the inside

Finish the inside with your choice of materials. We used an exterior siding called t1-11 to make the walls look like shiplap. Luxury vinyl was used for the floors.

how to build an 8x7 shed

Ready to get started?

If you'd like to build your own backyard studio office and would like plans to guide you through the process, you can purchase the 8×7 shed plans here. The 8×7 plans have an editable list of supplies to help you with finishing the inside of the office. These shed plans are packed with information to help your vision become a reality.

I do also have 10×10 shed plans in case you are looking to build something a little bigger.

How to build a Backyard Studio Shed

If you are looking for other sizes of sheds, I built a 10×10 shed a couple years ago and the website tutorial and plans can be found here. I also built a 12×20 warming house for our hockey rink that may give you additional ideas on how to build your shed.

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