September 9, 2023

Learn how to make shed shelves easily so you can stay organized and store all your totes, bins, and extra stuff! This is a fun and rewarding project you can tackle in a weekend.

How to make shed shelves video tutorial

A couple years ago, I built this 10×10 shed and documented the build and made plans which are available here. The shed has been great, but we unfortunately started putting totes and stuff in before building shelving.

Fast forward a couple years and our shed organization is a complete disaster. So… My wife and I did some brainstorming and came up with a plan to fix our unorganized shed and we thought we'd share some ideas on how to make shed shelves in this article. Here is a photo of what our shed looked like before getting organized.

how to make shed shelves

Get motivated and get started

Half the battle to getting organized is getting the time and energy to do something about it, and then taking action to get started. I knew that organizing everything would ultimately give our stuff a designated place so we'd be able to find things quickly and efficiently. Plus, I knew it would earn me a ton of browny points with my wife and that she'd be really happy that I'd crossed this project off the “honey do” list. Trust me, it is well worth your time to learn how to make shed shelves!

how to clean out a shed and how to make shed shelves

Plan and take measurements

We wanted to figure out the best and most efficient layout for shelves in our shed. We have all sorts of totes and then random items so your layout will certainly depend on what you are wanting to store.

how to organize a shed

Shelves for totes

Custom shelves can be made for your totes to maximize the efficiency of your space. The Costco and Home Depot brand totes are built very sturdy and have heavy duty plastic lips that can be supported on rails.

My wife and I have slowly accumulated Costco bins over the years, so we custom made our shelves for the width and height of the Costco totes.

how to make tote shelves

Plans for Tote shelves for shed and garage

I've made detailed plans for a 3 column tote shelf unit made for Costco brand totes. The plans share all the measurements, a shopping list, and cut list. This will save you a lot of time over trying to figure out the perfect dimensions and what you need to purchase. You can purchase the shelf tote plans here.

Tote shelf plans

Shed Shelf Cost

The total cost for the tote shelf is about $95 for the 25 2×4 boards and $26 for the optional sheet of OSB if you choose to add an upper shelf. ( COMING SOON )The “How to Build Shed Shelves” video is on youtube here.

We spent $280 to construct all the shelves in this shed. This includes the tote shelf, traditional shelving on the backside, and shelving above the window and front door.

Make your cuts

Cut your 2×4 boards to size using a miter saw. I love the 60v battery powered Dewalt 12 inch miter saw. It is so nice not to have to run an extension cord out to the shed to use it!

how to organize a shed and make shelves

Construct the shelves

Build the front and back portions of your shed shelves. The shelves go together quickly and are pretty easy to make.

organize a 10x10 shed

Tote shed shelves

You'll add a bunch of rails which will hold up each tote. Additional supports are added on the back to increase the strength of the unit. You'll then attach the entire shelf unit to the wall.

how to build costco tote shelves

How to make shed shelves

We built more traditional shed shelves for the back wall. These shelves are solid and work great for all different sized totes and random items. The first shelf above the floor is about 30 inches so we can store taller items below it.

how to make shed shelves

Shed shelves above windows and doors

Make the most of your space by building shelves above your windows and doors. You can support the shelves by connecting them to the studs in your wall, other shelves in the room, or using supports above or below. You can use an angled board to create a bracket below. Or, you can connect the shelf to a rafter to help support it above and free up space below.

shed shelf ideas

Enjoy your new shed shelves!

Learning how to make shed shelves if fun and rewarding. My wife loves the new shelves and it feels great to be organized! Check out our plans to build your own Tote Shelves here and get started today! Cheers

how to make shed shelves and organize a shed
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