April 20, 2023

15 Great DIY Summer Projects

Are you ready for summer or what!? Here is a great list of DIY summer projects to get out of the house and building. A few items for the yard, furniture for the deck, and even a handy drink caddy for your six pack. The projects are for all different skill levels. Each project includes a how-to video, a written tutorial with step-by-step pictures, and detailed plans to download ( some free and some paid)! There's a few new projects and a few oldies but goodies. Links to products are affiliate links so I receive a small commission if you purchase. I hope you find these projects useful and can get outside this summer!

DIY Double Chair

DIY Double chair

The double chair has been super popular and would make a great summer build! Folks from all over the world have sent me their own versions with different finishes, cushions, and modifications. It was so popular that I made a second version of the plans with a few nice upgrades including a wider seat, taller backrest, and storage compartment. Check out Version 1 for free or try out my version 2 double chair plans with built in storage here

DIY Projects with Pete Cable Railing for Deck

Deck Railing

Rebuilding your whole deck is quite a project (and I did it, too) but for a smaller project that will definitely upgrade your existing deck, think about redoing the railing. I built my own posts out of metal, with cedar tops and metal cable running between them. You can use a variety of materials but I really like the look and function of the cables. They don't obstruct the view so I can see as much of the Rockies as possible! 

DIY Projects with Pete shed organization

Shed organization

It feels great to have a well organized shed or garage. I cover a few little ideas that make a big difference. Shelves, a loft, rafters, hooks and hangers, and a small work bench.

Concrete Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor gas fireplace

This is one of the more advanced projects but it is well worth the effort. In addition to the concrete top, you’ll need to find a good gas fireplace kit. With the gas lines and fire involved, you’ll definitely need to consult with a plumber or other local contractor with gas line experience.

Raised Garden Bed Plans

Raised garden bed

This DIY project is great for your own home or to gift to others. We built ours with a local non-profit, Sage Gardeners, that donates these gardens to senior citizens to reconnect with their gardening ‘roots.’ These raised garden beds are raised a little taller than usual, to make them more accessible—easier to plant and weed. Though they will require a bit more dirt than a more shallow version!

DIY Doghouse


Your dog will love you even more for making this project! It’s a fun one to do with your family (with 2 legs or 4!) and can be customized for your own dog. Unfortunately I don’t have a video for this one but the plans are great!

DIY Cornhole game


Always a fun yard game, corn hole boards are easy to make and you can paint them however you like. My plans include ideas on how to use tape to paint nice clean lines and designs. The two sides have folding legs and attach to each other for easy carrying and storage. Version 1 was so popular that I made a Version 2 with a few more accessories, like drink holders and a scoreboard!


Firewood storage rack

I built this project with my dad. Having an extra set of hands is helpful for holding up some of the boards for this project. Though a couple of clamps could work too. If you’ve got a woodburning fireplace, this is a great way to store your wood and keep it dry. I've also got tutorials on smaller racks for outdoors or next to your fireplace.

DIY Projects with Pete Round fireplace concrete pad

Round concrete pad and fireplace

If you don’t have a deck or want to make a different part of the yard into a focal point, this is a great DIY summer project. It’s my biggest concrete project, laying the concrete right onto the ground with a bit of foundation preparation. It’s called concrete ‘flatwork.’ I learned a lot and now have a great place to enjoy with friends and family! Watch the full video to hang out on the concrete pad with a real tiger!

DIY Projects with Pete Patio Cooler

Patio cooler

This is a fun build to make your cooler look a little more fancy. It’s up at an easy height to grab a drink and you can store extra supplies down below. A built in bottle opener and a spigot to drain the cooler are fun details! Plus, it’s all on wheels to make moving it around nice and easy.

DIY Beer Caddy

Beer caddy

Show up to your next BBQ with this cool drink caddy! It’s a pretty quick build that doesn’t require many tools. It’d be a good project to make with a family member, and it makes a great gift, too!

Concrete patio pub table

Patio pub table

This one lights up the party! It uses LED light strips and clear plexiglass in concrete cutouts. The concrete cut outs are a little more advanced but totally worth it. I have four set in each corner, but you could use this idea in any pattern for any table. I use lights like these on Amazon to add a little energy to a lot of my projects!

DIY Patio Chair

Patio Chair

You can’t go wrong with a chair! This is a classic patio chair design that you’ll be sipping coffee on for years. If you’re not sure where to start with for furniture on your deck, this might be the perfect project. It teaches a few good techniques, including a notched-in support beam that are great woodworking skills to have under your belt.

Concrete Patio Bar Cart with LED lights

Party bar with concrete top

This party bar makes every day a party! I finished mine to withstand the outdoors and it lives on the deck. It’s especially great if you or someone else is being a bartender, with storage down below. The LED plexiglass inserts are optional but really make it fun!

Concrete Coffee Table on Wheels

Concrete coffee table w/ wheels

Concrete is heavy, so put it on wheels! This outdoor coffee table will never blow away but can roll away when you need it to. 

Thanks for checking out my 15 great DIY summer projects. I hope this list will inspire you to get out and build!

Cheers from Montana,

DIY Pete

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