August 29, 2017

Finished walnut lamp

Are you looking to add some fresh ambience to your home?  This Walnut Accent Lamp will bring warm light and modern style to any space you put it in!  I had a lot of fun building this with Brad from Fix This Build That and I know you will have fun making it too.  It's a project that is very rewarding to finish and I am really happy with how the walnut and concrete compliment each other.  Let me know what you think in the comments and post pictures if you end up making one!

 You can check out Brad's Youtube Channel here for more DIY Projects!

Free Plans for the Walnut Accent Lamp

Walnut Accent Lamp Plans

Supplies and Tools

Tools Needed

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Shopping List:

  • Walnut Scraps
  • Scrap Melamine
  • Concrete
  • Concrete Spray Sealer
  • Lamp Kit
  • Edison bulb

Approximate Total Cost to Build: $55

Get Building

Start out the build by using a planer and jointer to get all boards to be perfectly square.  There will be a lot of seams between boards in this project so the more square the boards are, the better the end product will look.​

planer on boards

Rip the boards on the table saw to the correct width​.

ripping walnut boards on table saw

Cut pieces to size

Once ​the boards have been ripped to size, set up a stop block to cut each of the three lengths of board that will make up the lamp shade.

cut pieces with stop block on miter saw

Glue sides together

Glue the sides together in the correct pattern.  Then, attach each of the four walls together to complete the lampshade portion of the build.​

assembling walnut lamp shade

Make Melamine form and pour concrete

Assemble the form for the concrete base out of Melamine boards and pour in the concrete with a knockout in the center for the lightbulb hardware.

Melamine form for walnut lamp base

Assemble and Finish​

Once the concrete is set, add in the hardware for the lightbulb and put the lampshade over the base.  

Finished walnut lamp

Plug in and enjoy the new lamp!​

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