August 25, 2017

It seems like we are in a Golden Era of making on Youtube right now.  So many people are sharing their creativity with the world and inspiring others to make!  At DIY Pete we've collected a few of our favorites to share with you ranging in topic from woodworking to welding to machining. We hope you enjoy and are encouraged to make new connections with fellow makers from all around the world!

Scrap Wood City

From whimsical to practical, Scrap Wood City crafts everything they make out of scrap wood. Their creations show the variety and quality of builds that you can make with scrap wood!​​

Marius Hornberger

Marius's videos follow the in depth objects that he makes out of wood.  He has so many interesting and awesome ideas that are fun to follow along with and get inspired by!​​

Cactus! Workshop

With a chic modern style and quirky personalities, Cactus! workshop creates high-quality builds with tutorials that will inspire you to bring a fresh look to your lifestyle!​


Tons of no-nonsense, easy to follow tutorials about all types of welding that will make you into a pro in no time!​


Make Build Modify

With clear visuals, every video by Make Build Modify shows consideration functionality, ease of build, and appeal of design.​

Laura Kampf

Laura is a very upbeat person with a passion for connecting and sharing with the Maker community.  Be sure to check out her channel as she has lots of cool techniques such as wood branding in this video!​​

Alec Steele

Even if you're not into blacksmithing or making, Alec Steele's contagious optimism will have you out in the workshop and wanting to forge some steel!!​


Sit back and watch some of Ollari's uniquely designed builds.  Watching these videos will make you see wood as a whole new medium!​

James Bruton - X-Robots

James Bruton makes functional animatronic props that look like they are straight out of a sci-fi movie! Check out his channel to be inspired and amazed by what he can accomplish in his workshop!​


Frank Howarth

Frank makes a variety of builds ranging from home improvement builds to small artistic builds. His videos are very well made and his builds are very useful!​​

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