August 3, 2017

Loaded Plywood Cart Bin

The Plywood Cart is a must have in any workshop where you need to store materials but have limited space.  Get your plywood and other materials off of the floor and out of the way!  The cart can hold full 4x8 sheets of plywood as well as other sheet materials.  It also has a storage bin in the back that can be left open for large items or divided up to custom fit smaller materials or tools.  The removable railing makes it easy to load materials from the front and to access materials that are difficult to reach at the back of the pile.

Plywood Cart Plans

Gumroad Plans for Plywood Cart


Materials​ Needed
  • 2x4 Boards
  • 4' x 8' Sheets of 3/4" Plywood
  • 2 1/2" Screws
  • 3" Screws
  • 4" Screws​
  • Wood Glue
Tools Needed

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​Get Building!

To build your own Plywood Cart you can download the plans.  Plans include detailed diagrams, step by step instructions, measurements, and materials used so that you can get building right away!​

Construct the base frame

Cut the boards for the base frame.  They are all cut from 2x4's.  There will be 5 cross supports and two long boards.  Once all of that is cut, lay the frame out on a flat table and assemble.

Lay out the Plywood Cart base Frame

Now that the frame is assembled, we need to add the plywood base.  Cut the plywood to size and attach it to perimeter of frame as well as to the cross supports.  Now flip the frame and add the extra blocks for wheel support.

Attach Board to Plywood Cart Base Frame

​Assemble the center support

Cut out two boards with a 5 degree angle on both ends.  Then cut out 4 long boards with a straight cut, these will be the cross supports.​ Attach them at an even spacing flat to where the plywood will rest. 

Assemble Center Support for Plywood Cart

With the plywood rest assembled, attach it to the base frame. 

Attach Vertical Support to Plywood Cart

Build the storage bin

Cut and attach two 2x4's that will be the outside corners of the bin. Once that is done, scribe the size for the sides, then cut and attach them.

Scribe Bin Side for Plywood Cart

Finally, add the longer back board and complete the bin​.

Attach bin back for Plywood Cart

Add the railing and lip

​Attach the 2x4 that will be the outer lip and keep the material from sliding out.

Attach Lip to Plywood Cart

For the railing, cut a square slot out of the 2x4 supports that ​will fit the railing bar comfortably but tightly.  Attach those supports and slot in the railing.

Cut Railing Slot for plywood cart

Flip and attach the wheels

Flip the cart onto its side and attach the wheels.  Be sure to use the extra support pieces that we added at the beginning.  Also, add a washer around each screw so that the wheels are held tightly in place.  Once the wheels are all attached​, flip the cart back over.

Attach Plywood Cart Wheels

Apply finish to the cart

I chose to stain my cart but you can finish yours however you like, with paint, sealer or a different stain.​

Stained Plywood Cart

Load up the Plywood Cart!​

The cart is done!  Load it with whatever material you have laying around and fill the bin!  Enjoy your clear floor and mobile Plywood Cart!​

Load up Plywood Cart
Loaded Plywood Cart Bin
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