August 30, 2017

finished cherry slab coffee table

Do you want a coffee table that is both a rich natural piece of furniture as well as a very functional table?  The Cherry Slab Coffee Table is the perfect build to bring life to any space!  The natural grain and colors and character of the Cherry or any other slab that you choose make every table one of a kind.  The epoxy fill can be as prominent or subtle as you want and can make the table into something completely differnt but just as beautiful!

Eric from Beardbrand and I had a great time building this and I think he is really happy with the finished product in his office!  Be sure to post picture if you end up making one as each table will be truly unique!

You can check out Eric's channel here:

Get Building!

Find Your Slab

First you will need to find a slab of wood that will be your table top.  We found our reclaimed wood slab at a business outside of Austin.  Reclaimed wood/lumber yards are all over so you will have to investigate to find one near you.  This cherry slab had a lot of character and was exactly what Eric and I were looking for.​

choose Cherry Slab

Cut it Down

After sanding and rough edges or faces off of the slab, we cut the slab down to 5 ft.​

Cut down Cherry Slab

Add Epoxy

The next step is to fill any gaps or cavities in the slap with epoxy.  We used a blue glow in the dark epoxy mix and were really happy with how it turned out when it set.​

Epoxy gaps In Cherry Slab

Apply a Finish

Now it's time to apply a finish to the slab.  For the cherry slab we went with an oil based poly and it really brought out the richness of the wood.​

Poly Coat The Slab

Add Legs

Once the table top is ready, its time to add the legs.  Pipe legs are nice for slab table as the feet are easily adjustable once they are attached.  So if there is any twist in the slab you can simply adjust the feet to compensate.

Add Legs to Underside of Cherry Slab


This Cherry Slab Coffee Table turned out Awesome!  Enjoy having a rich natural coffee table​!

finished cherry slab coffee table
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