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April 2014

Episode 6: How to Start a Blog “Do It Yourself” Style!

In this episode DIY Pete is asked how to start a blog. DIY Pete explains the benefits of starting a blog and how any crafts person or artist can easily start blogging right now. A blog will help build your online presence and get more people to know about what you are creating. It is also great for sharing your passion and inspiring and helping others. DIY Pete will show you the actionable steps to set up a domain, hosting, and wordpress.

Episode 5: How to Get into Leatherworking and How to Turn a Hobby into a Business

In this episode DIY PETE interviews Rob Farrington of to learn about how to get into DO IT YOURSELF leather projects. Rob shares his story about how he turned his hobby for working with leather into a successful business that makes and sells high end watch straps to many celebrities, athletes, and watch connoisseurs around the world. Farrington then shares how to get into leather working. You will learn the tools, supplies, costs, and steps involved in learning how to work with leather. Listen to hear the actionable steps you need to take to start working with leather today!

March 2014

 Episode 4: How to Make Concrete Tables and Counters
In this episode DIY PETE goes over the basics of how to build concrete tables and counters. Learn about the materials required and techniques involved in creating the concrete masterpieces. Pete will go over how to build the molds and methods for finishing the concrete using a polisher or trowel.

Episode 3: The Tools You Need to Get Started in Woodworking

In this episode DIY PETE will tell you what tools you'll need to get started with simple do it yourself projects. You'll find out where to buy tools, how to find deals, what brands to look for, and where to find plans to build your first work bench.

Episode 2: How to Get into Woodworking and the Best Free Resources to Learn from

In this podcast DIY PETE will teach you how to get into woodworking and the best free resources to learn quickly. You will learn the best Do it Yourself websites, blogs, videos, books, and people to learn from. You will learn how to take action and start building your first wood project.

Episode 1: What's this DIY Podcast All About? An Introduction with DIY PETE

In this episode DIY PETE fills you in on what this podcast is all about. This podcast is designed to help and inspire you to learn, build, and create do it yourself projects. DIY PETE will teach you how to make projects out of wood, metal, and concrete.

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