March 12, 2014

DiY-PROJECTS-WITH-PETE-PODCASTIn this episode DIY PETE fills you in on what this podcast is all about. This podcast is designed to help and inspire you to learn, build, and create do it yourself projects. DIY PETE will teach you how to make projects out of wood, metal, and concrete.

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What we'll be talking about in the DIY PROJECTS WITH PETE podcast
Wood Projects, Metalworking, Concrete Projects, Home Improvement,  Rustic Furniture, Selling DIY Projects

When are good times to listen to a podcast?
While Driving, running errands, at the gym, commuting to work, or while walking the dog.

Podcast Structure
Question/Answer Format – I'll answer questions sent in from fellow Do It Yourselfers (Each Weekday)
Interviews – with artists, craftspeople, and tradespeople (once per month)

Tool Recommendations
Need more ideas on tools to get started with your do it yourself projects? Just check out my resources page to see all the tools I use and recommend!

Podcast Frequency
5 days per week (Monday through Friday) – The schedule will be adjusted if needed with the feedback I get from you.

How to SUBMIT a question
Simply go to or click the button below! You will need a computer with a built in mic to do this. Most computers nowadays are equipped!
Who is Pete?
I am an avid outdoorsman and entrepreneur from Bozeman, Montana. When I'm not kayaking, skiing, or playing outside you'll find me building projects in the garage. Want to learn more? Click here to see my About page.

Does Pete run full time?
The answer to this question is partially. I also own a niche E-commerce store named that sells ski and trail signs. In addition, I have a podcast to inspire entrepreneurs over at

That's awesome you get to build projects and create podcasts/videos for a living! How does that work?
My websites are monetized with ads and tool sponsorships. The revenue allows me to continue to spend more and more time creating high quality videos and tutorials to share with you. You can help support the projects by telling your friends about the site and using my Resources page if you need recommendations for tool purchases and learning about starting do it yourself businesses. If you are a business looking to get your products seen, please contact me about sponsorships in upcoming tutorials, videos, and podcast episodes by going to my Sponsors page.

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