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  • In an industry related to home improvement and do it yourself projects. Target market consists of men and women interested in learning new hobbies and new skills.

DIY-PETE-Bozeman-MontanaValue Added Advertising

My goal is to incorporate your brand into my unique content on the DIYPETE.com website. Your products will be written about, used in videos, and featured on the DIY PROJECTS WITH PETE podcast. Companies we work with include MinWax, Quikrete, KregJig, BirdDog Distributing, JackClamp, and onXmaps.

When you decide to advertise with DIY PETE, we will work with you to create copy, a brand message, and to help tell the story of your business. By working together we'll ensure you get a solid return on your investment.

DIY PETE Network Details

  • Featured on Major Sites like MakeZine.com, ArtofManliness.com, BobVila.com, and NBC.
  • 50,000 Unique Visitors per month and increasing steadily.
  • DIY PETE visitors and fans are engaged and constantly looking for DIY advice and recommendations.
  • Growing email list of over 1,500 men and women.
  • Consistently featured on sites like Quikrete.com, MinWax.com, KregJig.com, BobVila.com, and Make Magazine.
  • Hosts the Internets most in-depth video tutorials on building a farmhouse dining table and concrete tables.
  • YouTube Channel¬†with 5,500 + subscribers and growing.
  • Strong Facebook Presence.
  • Make Magazine Print Publication Project Contributor

Why your business will see results from working with DIY PETE:

Projects are consistently featured on high profile websites like Make Magazine, Art of Manliness, Ana-White.com, Kreg Jig, and Minwax. This means your advertisements in videos will be reaching thousands.

diy-pete-make-magazineMost in-depth videos that teach DIY'ers to make basic furniture out of wood or concrete.

Companies we've worked with include:
diy-pete-youtube-channelConsistently featured on Ana-White.com – A site with an average of 15 million views per month.

Sponsor-DIY-WebsiteShareable Posts – Various posts on the site have been Liked and pinned thousands of times.diy-pete-art-of-manlinessPosts commonly featured on the Minwax, Kreg Jig, and Quikrete social media platforms.

MinWax-DIY-PETEProduct Giveaways will build your audience and show off your product.

Custom video projects will show your brand throughout an entire DIY Project video and be available to show the world. Here is the project video we did for John Dumas of EntrepreneuronFire.com.

Short Clip of a Custom Project and Video done for OnXMaps.

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