August 30, 2017

Finished Walnut Slab with Concrete Table

The Concrete and Walnut Slab table is an awesome addition to any living room.  The live edge of the slab meeting with the concrete as well as the colors of the wood, concrete, and steel work together to make this project especially gorgeous!  It is a centerpiece that will tie any room together with the solidity of its design and of its frame.  I was extremely pleased with how it turned out and would definitely make another one!  I hope you have a fun time building this and seeing how all the materials can work together!  

Remember to post pictures in the comments below if you build one!  Cheers!​

Get Building

To start this project, you will need to find a nice wood slab to embed in the table.  I went to a local lumber yard to find my piece, if you do some research I'm sure that you will find a lumber yard near you.​

choosing slab Walnut Concrete Table

Prepare Slab

After finding the ​slab of wood to embed in the table, you need to prepare the slab.  Plane the slab so both faces are parallel and there is no twist in the board.  Make sure that the edges of the slab are the shape that you want want to show in the final table.

prepare Walnut Slab

Once the slab is where you want it, anchor several lag bolts in the long sides of the slab so that is strongly anchored in the concrete​

anchors into slab

Make melamine form

Construct the​ Melamine form so that the walls are the exact height as the thickness of the wood slab.  Also cut out the wire mesh to lay into the concrete

melamine form for walnut slab table

Pour Concrete

Mix the concrete until it is to an oatmeal like consistency.  Then use a bucket to pour it into the form, embedding the mesh about halfway through.  Follow the instructions on your concrete for curing time.​

Pouring Concrete

Build Table

Build the table to put the concrete and wood top onto​.  I made mine out of some larger square metal tubing.

making table for Concrete Walnut Slab

Remove Concrete and Finish Table Top

Remove the concrete from the mold.

remove cured concrete

Clean and finish both the concrete and slab, making sure not to get any concrete finish on the wood.​

finish table top

Put Table Top on and Enjoy!​

Put the table top onto the table and enjoy your new Concrete and Wooden Slab table.​

Finished Walnut Slab with Concrete Table
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