September 15, 2017

It's time for another roundup!  This week I have 5 youtube channels to share with you all that I like to watch.  These channels are all run by awesome people who will inspire and empower you to get building in your workshop.  Please check them out and see if you like them, maybe you will find your new favorite youtube channel.  Cheers!

Workshop Addict

Workshop Addict Channel

Workshop Addict is a group of guys who are all experienced and professional makers who review tools and cover some tool maintenance.  They also have projects and ideas on their site that are really interesting.  Go check them out if you are interested in comparing tools, finding a review for a certain tool or looking how to service your tools.

Shop Built Channel

Shop Built is a really awesome channel.  It is run by Ryan Nodwell and the videos are about what he does in his shop.  His videos are mainly about making his own tools and jigs so that he can make really unique projects.  Ryan is all about inspiring people to make so be sure to check out his channel!

Carmichael Workshop Channel

Steve Carmichael has a huge amount of projects that he has built in his garage workshop up on this channel.  He has great build ideas and his videos have good a nice informative step by step process that makes his builds easy to follow along with!

Jon Peters Art and Home Channel

Jon Peters Art and Home is a DIY channel full of awesome tutorials on renovations, building furniture, and yard improvement projects.  If you are looking for ideas for your house or need tips on how to do something, Jon Peters Art and Home is a great channel to look for help!

laney shaughnessy channel

Laney Shaughnessy has a great shop where he does lots of woodworking projects.  His videos range from complex builds with precision tools to more simple and straightforward builds.  All of his videos are full of great ideas and tips for woodworking in your shop so be sure to check him out!

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