January 22, 2014


1. Shop Pencils
The Case of the Disappearing Pencil is a long-running mystery many people are familiar with. Put it down for a second and suddenly it's gone. A well stocked jar of pencils is important for any shop.


2. Shop Towels
I can never have too many shop towels at hand. Great for a quick wipe down of greasy hands, tools, or surfaces.


3. Work Gloves
Another essential item in the shop are work gloves. I like to keep a few decent quality pairs handy as they get worn down from consistent and heavy usage.


4. Tape Measure
Measure twice, cut once. It is nice to have a tape measure within reach at all times.


5. Safety Glasses
Safety is an important concern for anyone working with tools. Protect your eyes and keep a clear line of vision with a good pair of safety glasses.

safetyglasses 6. Pilot Point Drill Bits
It seems you can never have too many drill bits. They break, go dull, or get lost in a pile of sawdust.


7. Drill Bits
Drill bits strip and get lost pretty easily. I like using an impact drill because it greatly reduces the number of stripped bits.


8. Speed Square
Use a speed square to make sure your cuts are accurate and your table legs are square to one another. This is an invaluable tool for any DIY'er.


9. Utility Knife
Keeping a utility knife (or scissors) handy in the shop is helpful for opening packages, cutting tape or twine, and many other general tasks as they present themselves.


10. Coffee!
Lastly, an ever-flowing stream of caffeine should not be underestimated. Whether it's early mornings or late nights in the shop, a good cup of coffee may offer the creative boost you need.

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