January 22, 2015

DIY Wine Barrel Shelf

wine-barrel-frameOver the holidays I worked on a fun project built out of wine barrel staves. I had some old barrels collecting dust and thought it would be a fun way to re-purpose the barrel wood. The project came about because I have some friends from California who love wine and enjoy traveling. They commissioned me to create a gift, but gave me free reigns to be creative and come up with something neat. The only guideline was to somehow incorporate license plates from states they've lived in.

I started piecing some wine barrel staves together and realized it could make a cool frame. Next, the idea for shelves out of the barrel ends came to me so I added them on top and bottom. Since the couple enjoys traveling I put a push-pin map in the center so they could mark all the countries they have traveled to. It was a blast to build and it turned out great.

Instead of using a complete half barrel like I did for the whisky barrel coffee table (video tutorial below), I disassembled a barrel to separate the staves (wood slats).

Please note this wine barrel shelf post is not an in-depth tutorial but more of an article to give you creative ideas on what you can do with wine or whisky barrel staves.

Tools used for this project:

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Circular Saw: To cut the plywood backing behind map
Angle Grinder: To cut metal bands — (jig saw with a metal blade would also work)
Drill: To attach barrel bands and drill pilot holes in metal
Finish Nailer: To connect staves
Pry Bar


1 sheet of Foam Board: Place behind map
1 Map – Laminated – Or use Modge Podge if it is not laminated
Drill Bits
Wood Glue – I like to use the Gorilla Glue brand
Cleat Mount
Chains and License Plates (optional)
MinWax Polyurethane
Finish Nails 1 to 2 inches depending on staves used
1 1/4 inch screws (attaching metal bands)
Push Pins – Optional

Basic Overview of Project

Disassemble barrel. Separate staves (the wood slats) and remove the barrel top and bottom.

how-to-make-a-whiskey-barrel-coffee-table-Here is a look at the wine barrel staves. I ended up using 4 of them for the frame.

wine-barrel-stave-projectsLayout the Pieces

I cut a piece of plywood for the backing of the wine barrel side table and shelves. Next, I attached the barrel ends near the top and bottom sides using screws and wood glue. The staves were all nailed and glued together to form the frame.


Cut the foam board to size and then use spray adhesive to attach the map to the board. I'd recommend using a laminated map if possible. You could use Modge Podge to seal the map if it is not already laminated. Glue the back of the foam board to the plywood backing. I cut a couple pieces of old barnwood as trim on the top and bottom side of the map.

wine-barrel-furniture-ideasAdd Metal Bands

I attached the metal barrel bands on the shelves to give them a bold look. Cut the band to size and then drill holes in the metal so you can attach it using screws.

DIY-PETE-WINE-BARREL-SHELFHang the wine barrel push pin map and side bar

This Wine Barrel Shelf Side Bar with Push Pin Travel Map ended up being somewhat heavy so I used a low profile cleat system to attach it to the wall. I added license plates of where my friends lived and attached them with metal chains.

DIY-PETE-WINE-BARREL-SIDE-TABLE-MAPThis was more of a brief overview of a project then I normally do, but I hope it gives you ideas and inspiration to build your own DIY projects using wine barrels or staves. Good luck, have fun, and cheers from Bozeman, Montana!


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