November 10, 2013

If you are looking for a fun and easy project to tackle I'd highly recommend building a pallet wine rack. We got an inkling for a project this weekend and thought about how cool a wine rack made out of an old pallet would be. So…. we drove behind a couple stores looking for pallets that were going to be thrown out. Within a half hour  we found a great looking pallet and were on our way to starting the project.

Project Materials and Costs

Wood – Pallet — FREE
Two Inch Screws and nails — A few bucks

Tools Required

Saw – A hand saw will work but a Miter Saw will make the project go quick!
Jig Saw – Used for notching out the wine glass holders and for rounding the side and middle 2×4's.
Hammer and Pry Bar – Used to disassemble old Pallet  – A reciprocating saw or angle grinder with a metal cutoff blade is helpful for removing and cutting out old nails.

Cut List
2×4  –  QTY 2  Length: 11 inches  (Used on both sides)
2×4  –  QTY 1 Length: 10 1/4 inches (Used in middle – sits on top of 1×4 that wine bottle sits on.

1×4 –  QTY 5 Length: 30″ 3 for back, 1 for front, 1 for wine glass holder
1×4 – QTY 1  Length 27″ (horizontal base piece that holds wine bottles)
1×4 – QTY 2 Length 3″ ( Used as spacer on each side underneath wine bottle support and above wine glass rack )

Our Pallet! Below is a photo of a pallet we found behind a local hardware store in our home town of Bozeman, Montana. It is a good idea to ask the manager in the store prior to taking any pallets in case they are still using them. Many times they'll have a pile of pallets they want to discard. Retail stores get shipments in on pallets frequently and are usually happy to give away their extra pallets.

How-to-make-a-wine-pallet-wine-rackWe used a hammer, pry bar, and reciprocating saw to remove the boards from the pallets. The pallets consisted of 1×4 pine and 2×4 pine. The 2×4's on our pallet had neat stamping on them that we used for the outside 2×4's on our project. In the photo below we are experimenting with spacing to decide how big to create the wine rack.

pallet-wine-rack-tutorialWe rounded the front of the 2×4's using a jigsaw. Simply take something round (like a coffee can); and trace the can on a corner of the 2×4 to get a rounded corner. Cut the rounded corners. Attach each 11 inch 2×4 to the sides of the 1×4 27 inch long base using nails or screws. Make sure to pre-drill. Next, attach the front and back 1×4's by nailing or drilling them into the 2×4's.

pallet-wine-rack-instructionsAdd your two spacers to the bottom of your piece like seen below The spacers are 3 inches wide and provide space to slide in the bottom of the wine glasses.

pallet-wine-rack-instructions-for-diyWe measured to be able to fit 6 wine glasses in the rack. At each mark we took a 3/8 inch drill bit to create a rounded slot back. We then used a jigsaw to cut straight lines back to the hole which created a slot.

how-to-make-a-wine-rack-with-palletsHere is a photo showing slots the wine glasses will hang from. We spaced them evenly to be able to fit six good sized glasses.

free-pallet-wine-rack-plansMaking cuts to the pallet wood will expose the original finish. To help blend that in I like to patina the exposed areas. We brushed on Ferric Nitrate to give the exposed areas an aged look. You could also use a mixture of steel wool and vinegar to age the wood, similar to how I finished the farm table. Stain is another good option.

how-to-age-wood-with-with-ferric-nitrateBrushing the exposed edges with Ferric Nitrate

how-to-patina-wood We decided to put a nail in the side 2×4 to make a hanger for the wine opener.

pallet-wine-rack-diy-projectWe used a stud finder to determine where the studs were and simply used screws to attach the rack to the wall on the studs which were 16 inches on center.

diy-wine-rack-plansTurned out looking great! It took us about 2 hour to build and all the wood pallet wood was free. We were very happy with the new rack!

diy-pallet-wine-rack-instructionsPlease share and re-pin if you liked this project. You can make one just like this in an afternoon. Good luck and have fun!

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