November 18, 2013

Directional sign post

This past weekend I decided to build a sign project as a birthday gift for my Dad. He loves to travel and so I made signs with the places he visits frequently and has connections with. Many of the locations on the signs are cities where family lives. I also found the distance from Bozeman, Montana to all of the locations and put the driving mileage to each city.

Project Materials

Sign Blanks – 1×4 boards cut to 30″ in width for each sign
Sign Post – Pick up one 4×4 by 10 foot post
2.5″ Kreg Jig Screws
Stain – I used Special Walnut stain by Minwax
Outdoor Polyurethane
Quikrete fast setting concrete
Spray Paint
Paint for city name writing or decals which can be ordered from my company (

Lumber needed for project  - 4x4 post and 1x4 boards
Lumber needed for project – 4×4 post and 1×4 boards


Power Drill
12″ Miter Saw
Kreg Jig
Orbital Sander
Shovel and Post Hole Digging Tools

Video Tutorial

Step 1

Cut all sign blanks using a miter saw. For my project, all sign blanks were cut to 30″ in length. Cut as many sign blanks as you'd like. I did a total of 9 and might add more later. Cut one of the ends to form an arrow by setting the miter saw to 45 degrees.

Step 2

Sand the boards and then use a Kreg Jig to make pocket holes in the 1×4 signs which will be used to attach the 1×4 to the 4×4 post.
how-to-use-a-kreg-jigDrill 3 Kreg Jig holes in each sign.


Step 3

Paint the sign boards with your colors of choice. I used spray paint from Rustoleum. Use proper ventilation while painting and wear a respirator or mask to protect yourself from the fumes. Paint both sides of each board with 3 coats.
directional-sign-diy-projectStain the 4×4 if  with one coat of Minwax stain. Wipe on with a rag. Then apply 2 to 3 thick coats of outdoor poly on the post.

Step 4

Either paint the city names / mileage, use stencils, or purchase custom decals from a local sign supplier. I own a sign company and so if you need custom decals head over to and let me know what you need!
Set the signs out and in the direction you'll want it to point. Apply the decals.

Decal applied
Decal applied


Step 5

Dig hole for the post. For a 10 foot post I'd recommend digging 2.5 to 3 feet deep.
how-to-dig-in-rough-soilAfter the hole is dug, place the 4×4 in the hole and temporarily stabilize by screwing a 2×4 on each side as braces.
how-to-install-a-4x4-sign-postFill around the post with Quikrete fast setting concrete. Then pour a little water on the mix to activate the concrete reaction.
concrete-for-sign-postUse a level to make sure the sign stands up straight.level-a-sign-postUse a couple screws to attach a decorative post top. Mine was $1.49 at Home Depot.

Step 6

Attach the signs to the post using 2.5 inch Kreg screws. Space signs accordingly and point them in the direction of the city or place.

Step 7

Admire your work!
directional-sign-projectI hope you go out and build your own project! They are fun to build and will get a lot of compliments. Please Pin, Like, and Share!

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