January 31, 2015


Over the holidays I wanted to do a project with my Dad so we came up with an idea and got to it. During the winter we burn a lot of wood to keep the fireplace going and wanted a way to help store the wood and dry it out. We drew up a few ideas and started building.

In this tutorial I will give you an overview of how to build a DIY firewood rack with roof. You can download your FREE Firewood Rack Plans here.

Firewood Rack Plans

Tools Needed for Building DIY Firewood Rack

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Miter Saw – I'd recommend a 12 inch miter saw.
Orbital Sander – Dewalt makes a nice one.
Kreg Jig – The K4 is what I have.
Drill – I use both Dewalt and Ryobi drills.
Tape Measure, Ruler, Pencil


Clamps – Clamps are helpful for any project. I love to use JackClamps.
Circular Saw – I use a Dewalt 20 Volt Cordless Saw (Ryobi also makes a less expensive saw). A circular saw can be used if you do not have a miter saw.
Kreg Jig Face Clamp – Very handy.
Kreg Jig Right Angle Clamp – A must!
Speed Square

Supplies Needed

Wood Glue – I'd recommend Gorilla brand wood glue.
Box of 2 1/2 inch Kreg Screws
3 inch Wood Screws
1 1/4 inch Wood Screws

QTY: 10 – 2×4 x 8 foot long boards
QTY: 4 – 2×6 x 8 foot long boards
QTY: 16- 1×6 x 6 foot long cedar pickets

Step 1:

Start making your cuts for the posts and base. I'd recommend using a miter saw. Refer to the plans for more info.

How to make a log rackStep 2:

Assemble the base. Use 3 inch screws and wood glue. You can use a Kreg Jig and 2 1/2 inch Kreg screws if you prefer to connect the 2×6 boards using pocket holes.

Firewood rack ideasStep 3

Assemble the four posts. Connect each 2×6 to a 2×4 using 3 inch screws. You could use a Kreg jig and 2 1/2 inch Kreg screws like we did if you prefer. Downloadable plans

Kreg Jig Project IdeasStep 4

Attach the 4 corner posts and vertical 2×4 to the 2×6 base. Use 3 inch wood screws to attach the posts to the base.

Making a log rackStep 5

Add a 2×6 on the left and right sides to strengthen the structure. Then attach a 2×6 board across the front.

Firewood-storage-rack-ideasStep 6

Cut and add 4 boards to support the roof. Two of the 2×4 boards will go on the ends and two will be placed in-between. Then add 1×6 cedar pickets for the roof. Refer to the plans for more info.

firewood-rack-measurementsHere is a look at the cedar picket roof. We used 1 1/4 inch exterior grade wood screws to attach them to each of the four angled 2×4 boards that support the roof.

Cedar Picket Project IdeasStep 7

Add cedar pickets for the siding. We attached the pickets using 1 1/4 inch wood screws. We used 5 pickets on the back side. Then cut shorter pickets for the sides. Use 5 boards as well so the siding is the same height on all three sides.

Cedar Picket Firewood Rack Step 8

Job well done! Admire your work and then move it into place. Start throwing some logs on your new rack and enjoy.

How to make a log rackStep 9

Warm up your home and enjoy the ambiance of your wood fireplace.
Making a Firewood RackGood luck with your project and most importantly have fun with the build. Please post photos of your finished firewood rack below. Be sure to download the plans for the project, by clicking here. Cheers from Bozeman, Montana!

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