February 13, 2014

Inspiration is everywhere! It's so easy to share your DIY projects online nowadays that the internet can be an endless source of creative inspiration. I've rounded up five cool projects from around the web that may provide you with the spark for a new creative undertaking.

1. Mudroom Drip Tray by Sawdust & Embyros

Drip-Tray-for-Snowy-Muddy-Boots-and-Shoes-Sawdust-and-Embryos_thumbI love this brilliant idea by Beth and Mick from Sawdust & Embryos. If you live in an area that gets lots of snow or rain, you know the troubles of dragging in puddles of water, dirt, and sand every time you step into your home. Even if you get your shoes off right at the doorway, it's inevitable that you'll track in something. This cool solution is functional and looks great.

2. Wooden Marquee by Life With Fingerprints

20130927-DSC_4679The folks over at Life With Fingerprints made a big ole number “8” marquee out of wood for their child's baptism. I thought this was a really neat project that could be built for a number of different occasions or as a swanky home decoration. Think of the possibilities with so many numbers, letters, and shapes you could make!

3. Rustic Headboard by Pretty Handy Girl

rustic-wood-headboardPretty Handy Girl's Brittany Bailey built this amazing wooden headboard. If you're looking for a bigger project or a home makeover, this rustic design could be a winner. It was built for less than $100 and adds instant appeal.

4. Wooden Tic-Tac-Toe Game by That's My Letter

tic+tac+toe+game+2Jaime from That's My Letter made this cool tic-tac-toe set, complete with it's own storage box. I thought it was a great idea. The wood build of the set gives it a vintage feel, and the playing pieces could be easily customizable. I can picture quite a few other classic board games that can be built with wood.

5. Concrete Bowl by A Daily Something

cementbowlThis stylish concrete bowl was created by Rebecca from A Daily Something. The design is simple and it can be used indoors or outdoors. I like the concept because I think it can spin off many other ideas like a birdbath or a plant holder.

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