The Top 20 DIY Blogs

We’ve reached out to the best-of-the-best DIYers and wanted to compile a list and overview of their sites. There are a lot of great DIY blogs, videos, plans, and posts. These DIYers listed below are in no particular order, we think that they are all equally great and have websites that offer something for every DIY enthusiast! You can click on the photos or links to be redirected to their sites to see what they have to offer.

Shanty2Chic-PhotoWhitney and Ashley of Shanty2Chic – Shanty2Chic is made up of two sisters that are very versatile! They’re posting projects and plans for around the house DIY jobs, empowering women to do the dirty work! The sisters have landed themselves their own DIY show on HGTV called Open Concept.
1293132656-bpfullAna WhiteAna White has an amazing website with thousands of DIY projects and plans. There are many different projects and skill levels from How to Build a Bed-frame to How to Build a Beach Hut. Ana is based out of Alaska and has had some great press to build her following and brand. She has been featured on HGTV, having her own show named Saving Alaska where her and her crew travel around the state restoring some great, older homes and passing on the do it yourself torch to the homeowners.
hmm_logoBen Uyeda of Homemade ModernBen and the crew over at Homemade Modern are the leaders in modern styled, minimalist home good tutorials. Ben himself has an architectural background and is associated with a few different companies. Be sure to check their site out if you’re looking for clean, simple designs made of wood, concrete, and more.
unnamedJen Woodhouse of The House of Wood – “Jen Woodhouse is the author of The House of Wood, a DIY and design blog offering free building plans and in-depth tutorials. A performing songwriter by trade, Jen is based in Nashville, TN and has released three albums, toured the world, and licensed music to national television shows and films. More recently, Jen has added ‘DIY Blogger’ to her eclectic resume. The House of Wood is where she documents her adventures in woodworking, interior design, and life as a military wife, musician, and mother of two”. -Jen Woodhouse
Headshot - Jamison - Rogue EngineerJamison Rantz of Rogue Engineer –  “ was created so that average folks/weekend warriors with a few tools could build awesome looking furniture for next to nothing. As an aerospace engineer, I’ve used my expertise in mechanical design to create simple DIY furniture plans that help eliminate mistakes and cut down on project time. My goal is to give people the confidence to try building something amazing”. -Jamison Rantz
ramsey mugshotSteve Ramsey of Woodworking for Mere Mortals“I’ve been building and exploring creative endeavors my whole life. In 2008 I created Woodworking for Mere Mortals with a simple idea: Anyone can make fantastic projects on a limited budget, with limited or no experience. My goal is to provide value, inspiration, and entertainment to as many people as possible”. -Steve Ramsey
jay-336Jay Bates of Jay’s Custom Creations – Jay recalls always being a do it yourself type of person, reflecting back on the projects he did for the first home he owned at age 19 to the present in a home with his wife. Jay creates projects for many different levels of woodworkers and creators. Be sure to check out his website to be inspired, learn how to make some furniture or upcycle something, and to watch his video tutorials.
crates-and-pallet-logoCrates and Pallet – Part manufacturing, part DIY – “We have a workshop on-site to develop project ideas for the every-person and produce one-off products for those die-hard crates and pallet fans. Our manufacturing sources are purely American, and we think where we make things is just as important as the things we make”.
web_jamin_and_ashley_thehandmadehomeThe Handmade Home – “College sweethearts and homeschooling parents to three, we currently reside in the tropics of south Alabama, where we’ve perfected the art of sipping sweet tea and operating power tools. We believe in striving for a genuine, intentional life, and that creating a home shouldn’t be complicated, ridiculously expensive, or to the trade only exclusive”.
erin-spain-headshot-1d-1024x683Erin Spain of DIY On The Cheap – “Erin is a Southern transplant originally from Indiana, currently living in the Atlanta suburbs with her husband and three young sons. You will find decorating ideas, crafts, and DIY projects ranging from small craft projects to furniture builds and everything in between”.

AshleyAshley Thurman of Cherished Bliss – “I’m Ashley, owner and author at the blog Cherished Bliss. I am just a simple woman with a family who loves building furniture, DIY projects, and turning our house into a home. My hope to inspire people everywhere that you can do anything your willing to try. Our mistakes only improve our skill set”! -Ashley Thurman
Serena Appiah ThriftDivingSerena Appiah of ThriftDiving – “ was started in 2010 to chronicle my DIY home improvement projects, but in 2012 its focus expanded to inspire others to decorate, improve, and maintain their home on a DIY budget. I love thrift stores, power tools, and inspiring others to be creative! There is no project that I won’t try at least once”! -Serena Appiah
1399477_317293991746234_1157840335_oPauline Henderson of My Altered State – “Sometimes a good DIY project starts with a half-formed idea or the need to use up materials.  Sometimes, all you really need is a tiny bit of inspiration. came to be from a desire to contribute something a little different to the DIY pool, and to tell the story of how a project can come to life.  No matter what plans you follow or materials you use, the moment you begin is an opportunity to make it your own”. -Pauline Henderson
unnamedLeslie Davis of Paper Daisy Design – “It is my desire, through Paper Daisy Design, to share creative, inexpensive ideas for updating your home with style, intention and purpose. Often, these ideas include building projects with detailed instructions and plans for the designs. My vision and hope for this blog is that you will find joy in creating or making something with your own two hands, even if it is something you’ve never done before! You never know you can’t do something unless you try”. – Leslie Davis
wood 010David Picciuto of – David started this site, first known as the Drunken Woodworker, on the side of working full time. He was inspired by making things by hand, out of wood and created videos and content to showcase that. His site offers DIY tutorials and plans for varying levels of ability. Check it out!
ryobi-sander-loveSaved By Scottie – “I have found my passion and now help others do it too through refreshing, repurposing, and reviving their space with paint…I have in-stock furnishings, do custom orders, and paint and refresh kitchen cabinets and countertops for a lower cost update than traditional makeovers. I do all this with an amazing line of VOC Free products called Shabby Paints and love to teach others how to do it too”! – Scottie
Amy Baesler of Her Tool Belt – “I have always loved doing projects and woodworking.  When I was young my dad had a small shop in our basement.  I loved tinkering around down there. I am posting my plans and DIY tutorials so that if you are interested, you can build them to”. -Amy
DeDe-Bailey-Designed-DecorDeDe Bailey of Designed Decor – “My blog is about my creativity and passion for handmade anything, painting, decorating, baking and just plain living.  I chose the name Designed Decor based on me wanting my name in the title and envisioning the name on a brick and mortar store”. – DeDe
PIC4590-LStacy Risenmay of Not Just a Housewife – “I have always been aware of design since I can remember. As a child I loved driving around and looking at the different types of houses. I  build and refinish furniture, paint, decorate, cook, garden, read, and make lists. I would much rather be outside than in”. -Stacy
12010783_897960933586926_1023462777485550584_oJaime Costiglio of That’s My Letter – “Jaime is a DIY project enthusiast who writes the blog, That’s My Letter, which focuses on building, painting and sewing. She builds, paints and sews just about anything in true DIY fashion. Jaime’s focus with each project is to work smart, efficient and economical by making the best use of space with a custom build or designing a craft using unconventional supplies”. -Jaime
service-planingJames Mason of Our Build – “After finishing my four year carpentry and joinery apprenticeship, I made the move to Sydney Spending another three years as a subcontract carpenter…Running the our Build handyman and Home improvements business allows me to focus on helping to deliver great customer service, quality workmanship and friendly advice to you the customer”. – James


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Hopefully this post will help you discover new DIY bloggers and websites that you didn’t previously know of. There are so many great folks out there doing so many inspiring things. This is a list of just a few of them. Keep up the momentum with your projects and Do It Yourself! Cheers

  • Mr Lufto

    ​My wife made me make our backyard picnic table, i used one of the plans that come in this book Made the table with just the few tools i had lying around, turned out fantastic, very simple instructions to follow and believe me im not a handy man at all. The book has plenty off diy projects i would recommend for beginners like me as it really helps.

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  • Lukhi Diamond

    This info is very useful. It’s a so important Details,keep up and thanks to writer….

  • Teguh Pati

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  • Lala Markova

    Been learning DIY blogs for weeks now. I’m really into interior design and woodwork projects to create efficient and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Much thanks to this guide and of course your resource, OMG! I think I’m finally having a hold of blog contents I would personally like to post. Your blog inspire me!

  • satucampur satu

    tq for the list ….
    another ideal for wood project at

  • Karl Foley

    great projects with clear instructions. I’ve gotten an enormous feeling of accomplishment & pride from making my own bookshelves and side tables . if u want know how just check it out it will give you great ideas .

  • DIYWood worker

    For wood working I find this really helpful.It take short time and very easy to assemble to create my project.

  • I.M. Carpenter

    Hello Pete,
    Thank you for posting the list of blogs. It must have taken a bit of time. I am brand new to blogs and started a blog and a web site Researching other blogs will help me get started. Your blog is real crisp, the images are details and your site’s layout is very easy to navigate. Thank you again.

  • Tony Smith

    Wow, what an excellent list. One day I hope to be part of this list. My blog offers great advice and guides regarding all aspects of tiling.

  • Ross Construction

    Hello DIY Pete,

    I manage a garden DIY blog. Please feel free to add to your list.

    Thank you


    I run a DIY website/blog:
    My wife and I cover Wood working, Welding, Automotive, Electrical, and Crafts/ART!

    We just passed 100 articles and were were at the Maker Faire 2 weeks ago!


      Awesome work!



  • Hi! It’s a great list. Some of these websites are inspiration sources. I have a DIY site myself. Is this one: I hope that one day I’ll get to be featured on a list like this. Fingers crossed!


      Thanks Kathy! And great work with your site. Cheers!

  • CratesandPallet

    Wow, thank you, DIYPETE! We love inspiring folks to DIY with our crates and pallets, and love it even more to see what creative ideas our blogger partners come up with as well! We like think about our crates as just a building block of DIY limited only by your imagination!


      Absolutely! Thanks for all that you do – keep rocking it! I like that, keep up the vision and products. Cheers

  • Steph @ Crafting in the Rain

    What a great list! I know many of them, but several are new to me, so I’ll have to check them out!


      Great, that’s what I like to hear! Have fun exploring what these great DIYers have to offer. Cheers

  • Honored to be included in a list full of such DIY talent! Thanks!


      Thanks for being great, Leslie! And for your offer to create the Pinterest image, we love it! Keep up the great work. Cheers

  • Thank you for including us! What a great list to be a part of 🙂


      Absolutely, thank you for what you do! You rock, keep it up. Cheers from Montana.

  • All great bloggers Pete, thanks for compiling a great list!


      James! Refresh the page here and look at your feature in this post 😉 Sorry I forgot to you include you, friend. Keep up the great work. Cheers from Montana!

  • Honored to be included on this list. Thank you so much!


      Absolutely Pauline, keep on doing what you do! You’re great 🙂

  • All amazing DIY Bloggers and some great friends!


      Absolutely!! Thanks for checking it out, Mindi. Cheers from Montana

  • Karen Marie Kedzuch

    Projects with Pete,
    Congratulations to all of these amazingly talented bloggers. Many of them I know them personally and their work is excellent. I have been A DIY girl most of my life but, only blogging for two years.One as a hobby and this year building a business. I strive deliver my blog to my readers with integrity, great directions, and encouragement. Each one of these top blogs along with many others has taught me along with their readers lessons on DIY. I hope I will continue this proud tradition of giving others the path to DIY confidence. The best compliment is someone read my blog and made a project. The above bloggers have inspired me. Kudos to you all.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie
    Dragonfly & Lily Pads


      Thanks for reaching out and for the very nice comment here. I am loving what you have going on your site, I love discovering new DIYers and am happy you reach out! Keep up the great work, I love the momentum you have going. Cheers from Montana!