September 9, 2014

A few months ago I was in the market and looking for an electronic door lock. I had seen a few brands doing the high tech door locks. Many of which pair with apps on phones and can control the lock from anywhere you have an internet connection.

I researched a number of locks including the Kwikset 925 Kevo, the Lockitron, and the Schlage Camelot Touchscreen lock. The reviews for the Kevo were not as high as I thought they would be and the Lockitron only sells the inside deadbolt mechanism which is made of plastic. I wanted something that would look classy and be functional. The Schlage Camelot offered a lock that looked nice, came in a variety of finishes, and had the functions I was looking for. In addition, a matching door handle was available to dress up the front door even more.

Using a smart phone to control the lock was intriguing to me. However, I learned that many locks use bluetooth technology which drains battery power on smartphones. It also requires you to have a phone with you to open the door unless you have the actual door key.

The Schlage Camelot has a built in touchscreen which means you don't need to carry your smartphone or have a key. I go for a run every morning and like to go without a key or a cell phone. This makes typing in a code a great feature. The lock is powered by 4 AA batteries which will last for about a year. If the lock ever does go dead prior to adding new batteries, you can use a normal key as backup.

Price Comparison

Schlage Camelot touchscreen – $179 (The touchpad and deadbolt)
Schlage-Camelot-Door-lockKwikset 925 Kevo – $219

Kevo-lock-reviewLockitron – $179

lockitron-reviewSchlage Camelot touchscreen with handleset – $299 – (The full kit with handle)

schlage-camelot-door-lock-with-handleDIY PETE'S PICK – SCHLAGE


Looks classy
Program up to 30 codes (Great for giving out temporary codes to repair people, dog sitters, cleaners, and so on)
Available in 3 different metal finishes
Don't need to have your phone with you
Don't need to use bluetooth
Built in alarm
Simple to program
Easy to use at night
Batteries last a super long time. (over a year)
Optional Z-Wave technology

I do not have the optional router from Nexia and subscription that allows you to control the deadbolt and monitor door activity remotely. However, you can purchase the Nexia router to control the Schlage electronic door lock for about $79.00. The router enables your smart phone to talk with the deadbolt from anywhere you have an internet connection. In addition to having the ability to lock and unlock the deadbolt at any time, you can monitor when the door is being opened, what code is used, and add, remove, and change codes. This is all done using an app with an easy to use interface.


Besides not ever having to carry a key, I also have the ability to program up to 30 codes into the lock at a time. They can be changed easily and deleted so I can give temporary codes out to a repair person, cleaner, or dog sitter. The keypad lights up at night and is easy to open if you get home late and forgot to leave on the porch lights.


All in all, I've had the Schlage Camelot electronic door lock for 3 months now and have decided that I'll never own a home without a keypad. The keypad is super convenient and Schlage hit a home run when they designed this lock. I'd highly recommend this lock to anyone looking for an electronic or touchpad deadbolt.

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