November 15, 2013

Etched glass creates a classy look that can often be seen on office windows and doors. Real etched glass is expensive and permanent. But, with a little DIY inspiration you can create your own designs using frosted vinyl which is inexpensive and can be removed easily!

To make my home a little more welcoming I decided to make a season's greetings vinyl design using my vinyl plotter. Because I own a sign company ( Signs of the Mountains ) I simply put a little vinyl in the plotting machine. However, I know many DIY'ers who have their own vinyl craft machines called CriCuts. These are really neat machines that can cut decals and stickers out of vinyl. They are about a $170 investment but can create some really awesome craft projects! You can also find a local printer who can make the design for you. I used frosted vinyl which can be found on Amazon. For those of you who are more serious about your crafts or who want a professional grade plotter I'd highly recommend the Graphtec CE-6000 machine which is what I use to make stencils and all sorts of designs for various DIY projects. The frosted glass vinyl used for this project is made by Oracal.

frosted-vinyl-project-ideasStep 1

Create a design on your computer that can be sent to your Cricut. Send the design to your Cricut Plotter and watch while it creates your artwork. Once the plotter has done its work, simply use an x-acto knife to weed out the vinyl that needs to be removed.

vinyl craft ideas

how-to-weed-vinylAfter weeding out the vinyl you will be able to see your complete design.

frosted-vinyl-window-projectsStep 2

The next step is to apply vinyl application tape which is available on Amazon in various sizes. Application tape makes it easy to transfer your design onto a window, coffee cup, sign, or other substrate.

vinyl-project-transfer-tapeStep 3

Use rubbing alcohol or windex to get the windows super clean prior to applying the design.

how-to-apply-frosted-vinylStep 4

Use masking tape to place the design on your window. Measure between the design and window pane to help center your piece. Once it is centered, run a piece of masking tape across the middle to both hold it in place and to create a hinge. Creating a hinge makes it easier to apply the vinyl because you can apply the vinyl in two sections instead of one.

etched-vinyl-ideasStep 5

Remove the vinyl from the backing slowly. Once removed, cut away the white backing using a scissors. Then use a squeegee to apply the sticky vinyl to the window.

how-to-apply-etched-glass-vinylStep 6

Use the squeegee or a credit card to lay the entire surface flat against the glass. Apply slowly to minimize the chance of getting air bubbles in the vinyl.

how-to-apply-frosted-vinyl-to-a-windowStep 7

Remove the application tape from the design.

how-to-apply-frosted-vinyl-to-glassStep 8

Admire the new design on your front door, mirror, or window!


Before and After


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