January 29, 2014

diy-pete-how-to-build-a-barnwood-picture-frame-finishLearn how to make a simple barnwood picture frame in a few easy steps. Perfect for displaying family photos, wedding invitations, or your children's artwork!


Miter Saw
Kreg Jig

Wood to Buy
Qty: 1 ¬†Type: 1×4 by 8 feet long (barnwood optional)

Other Supplies
1 1/4 inch Kreg Jig Screws

The Build

how-to-make-a-barnwood-photo-frame-wood-cutsFirst you'll want to measure out your cuts. I made my frame a 27×27 inch square, though you can make what ever size you'd like. For a 27″ square frame you'll want to cut your 1×4's into two 27 inch pieces and two 20 inch pieces. After your cuts, arrange your pieces for a preview of the square frame we'll be assembling.

how-to-make-a-barnwood-photo-frame-layoutNext you'll want to take the two 20″ boards and use a Kreg Jig to drill 2 pocket holes on either end of the boards.

how-to-make-a-barnwood-picture-frame-drilling-processOnce you have your pocket holes in order, use wood glue to assemble the frame into a square.

diy-pete-how-to-make-a-barnwood-picture-frame-wood-glueOnce your square is all glued, drill kreg jig screws into your previously made pocket holes to secure the frame.

diy-pete-how-to-make-a-rustic-picture-frame-drilling-pocket-holes diy-pete-how-to-make-a-barnwood-photo-frame-processI designed my frame to have spacers in order to give it a bit of dimension when hanging on a wall. I used four small wooden blocks in each corner, nailed to the two 27″ boards.

diy-pete-how-to-make-a-barnwood-picture-frame-pocket-holesYou can use 1 1/4 inch long nails or glue to attach the spacers. I used an air gun but you can simply use a hammer and nails.

diy-pete-barnwood-frameI then drilled 4 small holes (two on either end) on the top of both 27″ boards above the spacer blocks. These holes will be used to hang the frame with twine.


diy-pete-how-to-build-a-barnwood-photo-frame-processNext I drilled in 3 evenly spaced 1 inch long screws on each 27″ board. I used another small block for reference to make sure the screws were the same height as the spacer blocks in the corners.

diy-pete-how-to-build-a-barnwood-photo-frame-drill-processNow for the twine. Take your twine and wrap it back and forth between the screw pegs you just created, forming three lines through the frame center. You want the twine within the frame to be taut, but not unyielding. Tie off the twine with a knot at one of your screws.

diy-pete-how-to-make-a-barnwood-picture-frame-with-twineUp close shot of tying the twine.

diy-pete-how-to-make-a-barnwood-photo-display-frame-twine-knotWe did a total of three sections.

diy-pete-how-to-make-a-barnwood-frame-photo-display-with-twineNext you'll take a new piece of twine and weave it through the holes you drilled at the top of the frame. Do this for each side and tie the two pieces of twine together in the middle – Viola! Your barnwood picture frame is ready to hang!

diy-pete-how-to-build-a-hanging-barnwood-photo-display-frameAll ready for hanging!

diy-pete-how-to-make-a-barnwood-photo-frame-hang-from-twineUse clothespins to attach photos to the twine, and you're done. Now you have a nifty new frame which you can easily display and switch out photos!

diy-pete-how-to-build-a-barnwood-picture-frame-finishSide view

diy-pete-how-to-make-a-barnwood-picture-frame-finish-detailsNow that was an easy project. It only took about an hour to complete!

diy-pete-how-to-make-a-barnwood-picture-frame-step-by-stepPlease pin and share if you like this project or are inspired to create one of your own!

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