July 29, 2013

I closed on my new house last year and have slowly been working on house projects. This weekend I heard about Window Fims from Artscape and decided to give them a try. I had ugly curtains up before, and they are hard to open or close because the window is up pretty high. It took me about an hour to do this project and I'm so happy I decided to do the window coverings!

Finished Windows

This is a photo of the completed project. The colors really pop and it looks great. I was skeptical that it would look cheap and fake, but this looks classy and very nice.


Before Window Film

As you can see, I had a great view of my neighbors satellite dish and they had a great view of my living room. I love my neighbors, but thought a little privacy would be ok. The window film adds privacy and I still get all of the natural light in the room.


The Install


The first step is to pick up some Artscape window film. They have a quite a few patterns to choose from and it comes in 24 x 36″ roles. You can find them on Amazon by clicking here or where to buy curtains in Singapore. My windows were each 24 x 24 so I was 2 inches short on one side. The good thing is that rolls match up with each other, so you can't even tell there is a seam and everything matches up well.(I barely can see it and only know there is one because I installed the film). Next, clean the windows with a glass cleaner.


Measure and cut your material. Then, mix a couple drops of dish soap into a spray bottle with water. Spray the entire window with the water/soap. Next, place the window film on and line up square with the top and left side. Use the squeegee they provide to remove any air bubbles or excess water beneath the film. Use a sharp razor knife to trim excess film along the sides if needed. In the photo below you can see that I was 2 inches short of material. I added another roll and it matched up perfectly.



Clean up the trimmings and wipe up any water. You are now done! Enjoy!


The natural light still shines through great!


This video by Artscape made me laugh. Neighbors are great, but sometimes a little privacy is nice.

The colors shine and look awesome!


Good luck with the project! It goes pretty quick and is easy. Cheers! – DIY PETE

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