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How to Make a Concrete Pub Table

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Favorite Tools

If you are looking for Tools to start or expand your DIY workshop here are some that I recommend!

​See my full Tool List!

Ryobi circular saw

Ryobi Circular Saw

A circular saw is a great tool for cutting plywood boards to size or making cross cuts if you don't have a miter saw. 

ryobi drill and impact driver

Ryobi Drill and Impact Driver

A solid drill is an excellent tool for any DIY'er.  This Ryobi set is a perfect duo for assembling projects.

ridgid orbital sander

Ridgid Orbital Sander

When you have large surfaces to sand it is a lifesaver to have an Orbital Sander.

ryobi jig saw

Ryobi Jig Saw

For making any small detail cuts that the circular saw can't handle, you will need a Jig Saw.

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