August 5, 2015


Learn how to build a Trellis with DIY Pete. This is a simple DIY project that will only take a couple hours and won't break the bank. My mom and I created this project together and had a blast building this wood trellis. 

Lumber for DIY Trellis

QTY: 8  2x2x8 boards (Actual measurement is 1 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inches by 8 feet)

Cost: Cedar/Redwood: Approximately $6 per board or $48 in wood (in my town)
Cheaper Option: Pine: Approximately $2.00/board or $16 in wood (in my town)
You will want to stain or paint pine if used

1 Box of 2 1/2 inch screws
5 inch or 6 inch long screws (if fastening to home and using spacers)

Cut List:

4 boards: 72″ long
7 boards: 48″ long

Tools Needed:

Miter Saw or Circular Saw

Drill and Optional Impact Wrench

Square, Tape Measure, Pencil, Safety Glasses, Ear Protection

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Use the lumber list above. My mom and I used cedar wood for this project.

trellis-deisgnStep 2: Measure and Mark

We cut the four vertical boards to 72″ long. We cut the seven horizontal boards to 48″ wide.

Trellis DesignStep 3: Cut the boards

Use a miter saw, circular saw, or hand saw to make your cuts.

How to Make a TrellisStep 4: Sand

Sand the ends of each board to remove rough edges. This should be a very quick process. Don't worry about sanding the entire board.

Making a TrellisStep 5: Assemble Frame

Connect two 72 inch vertical boards with two 48 inch long horizontal boards.

Building a wooden trellis

Use two screws at each corner. Make sure to pre-drill to prevent the wood from splitting. I'd recommend 2 1/2 inch exterior grade screws. Attach the vertical boards to the horizontal boards from the backside to hide the screws.

Wooden Trellis DesignSpace the inner vertical and horizontal boards to your liking. Below is a diagram of the front side of the DIY trellis. The most center board is used to hang a planter from. I added a couple 4 inch spacers to help the planter rest evenly on the front.

Wood Trellis PlansThis is a diagram of the back side of the trellis. Four inch long spacers are attached with a couple screws to add dimension to the trellis. This also provides spacing between the siding so you can run drip hoses to the planter or vines up the trellis.

Trellis PlansUse 2 screws to hang the planters. You can find similar 36 inch horse trough planters on amazon. If you'd like to attach the planters to the siding, first level the trellis and figure out where the studs in the wall are so you can securely attach it.

We used cedar and are going to let the wood age and turn grey over time. You could stain or seal the wood if you'd prefer.

DIY TRELLISMy mom and I after completing the DIY Trellis project! We had a blast and my Mom had a lot of fun using the saws and assembling the boards.

Have you built a cool project with your Mom, Dad, or family member lately? Or do you plan to build something with them soon? Please comment below and share photos, I'd love to hear about it!


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