March 26, 2017

Thanks for stopping by! You most likely have watched the Youtube video shop tour and found out about the $250 tool scholarships I'll be awarding to two lucky DIY'ers. If you are interested, please create a simple 30 second to 1 minute 30 second video. Post the video to the DIY Pete Facebook page with the hashtag DIYPete. For those of you without Facebook, please email a link to your video or the file to kate @  (no spaces)

Video Should Include:

Brief Intro
Why you enjoy DIY Projects
How DIY Projects have made a difference in your life or someone you know.
Anything else you would like to mention!

Brief intro: (Example) –  ( Hi, I'm John from Knoxville Tennessee. I enjoy DIY projects because they are challenging and I learn something new each time. I also work on a lot of projects with my father who is now 84 years old. It's given my father a new hobby and outlook on life. I'm so happy we started doing projects together. We've become so much closer. I never imagined woodworking could bring our family together like it has!)


  1. Make a video using your smartphone, a camera, or the built in camera on your computer.
  2. Post the video to  and add the hashtag #diypete
  3. Subscribe to the Youtube channel if you haven't already
  4. Email Kate at [email protected] to confirm you've completed the steps!

How to win:

Your name will be entered into a drawing once you've completed the video. On May 8th I will draw to lucky winners. Each winner will get $250 to use towards buying tools at your favorite hardware store.

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