August 7, 2014

Hi DIY'ers! A concrete project of mine was recently chosen to be featured on I am so excited to have the opportunity to be on his site and featured in his monthly “Bob Vila thumbs up” contest. This month, he chose 6 awesome concrete projects to be featured and the winner will advance to the year end pool of top projects. I'd love for you to take a minute and head over to Bob Vila's site to pick your favorite concrete project. There are lots of good ones so pick your favorite!

THANKS GUYS AND GALS!!! Here's my best bob Vila impression! Plaid, khakis, a tool belt, and beard! I actually wear this setup about everyday. Just had to add the khakis 🙂 diy-pete-on-bob-vila Here is the video tutorial for the project that is featured. I've also created a few other tutorial about concrete that you might enjoy. See them below!

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