November 12, 2017

I'm excited to announce a new property renovation project out in Montana! I'll be documenting the progress from start to finish over the next year while I turn this home from a popcorn ceiling home built in 1979 to a modern mountain contemporary - Scandinavian designed home. 

I've been looking for a property close to town with acreage and when this came on the market I took action and put in an offer within 24 hours of first seeing it listed. I knew the property would go fast because it is in a beautiful area and only 8 minutes from downtown. Here is the homes original listing photo.

diy pete home renovation montana

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Inspiration from a trip to Scotland

In 2014 I took a trip to Scotland with my Grandpa, Dad, and both brothers. (I am the middle of 3 boys). We stayed at a neat VRBO in St Johns Grote that had clean Scandinavian design. I loved how efficient, sleek, and well designed the home was. I also liked how light the space was and how real wood burning fireplaces were incorporated. Hence, 3 years later I'm trying to design my home with a mountain contemporary Scandinavian feel.  

Inspiration from HGTV's Joanna and Chip Gaines

I was telling my friends Don and Andi about my renovation project and immediately Andi mentioned that I needed to watch the following episodes to get some ideas for my home. Since she introduced me to Joanna and Chip Gaines on HGTV's Fixer Upper I've been hooked! I was able to record  one of the episodes on Direct TV, but you can simply buy each episode on Amazon like I ended up doing by following the links below.  

modern home ideas
modern home inpsiration

Progress Photos - MORE COMING SOON.....

Here is a look at the home the day I got the keys. The house had been rented out for the past 15 years and so it hasn't had any improvements or needed maintenance in quite a while. The home was built in 1979 and is basically the shape of a rectangle. My goal is to give this 70's split level home a modern mountain contemporary Scandinavian feel. Both the inside and outside will need a lot of work but I am excited for the challenge!

Diy pete renovation

This is a view of a mountain range to the north of my home. I immediately fell in love with the location and views.

diy pete home renovation

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