February 13, 2018

Chalkboard coat racks are a fun way to jazz up your home and to add a little character. This is a fun and simple project you can easily tackle in an afternoon. The project is made out of pine boards, some plywood, hooks, Krylon® Chalkboard Paint in Black, and Krylon ColorMaster®Paint + Primer in Satin Oxford Blue. I love using Krylon Chalkboard  Paint for all sorts of DIY projects. Thank you to Krylon® Brand for sponsoring this project. Click here to download the FREE chalkboard coat rack plans

Shopping List

Qty 1: 1x3 by 8 foot long board $5

Qty 1: ½ inch thick by 4 feet long by 1 ½ inch pine $4

Qty 1: ¼ inch thick - 2 feet by 4 feet plywood: $9

Qty 3: Hooks $4/hook and ½ inch screws

Qty 1: Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer in Satin Oxford Blue (available at Ace Hardware)

Qty 1: Krylon Chalkboard Paint in Black  (available at Ace Hardware) 

½ inch nails

¾ inch nails

1 ¼ inch long pocket hole screws 

Tools Required:

Miter saw or Circular Saw
Nailgun or hammer

Pocket hole jig 


Make Your Cuts

Start by downloading the FREE Chalkboard Coat Rack Plans here. Cut the boards to length on a miter saw or circular saw. The boards are ¾ inch thick by 2 ½ inches wide. I cut the two longer boards to 39 inches and the shorter boards to 21 inches.  I cut the ½ inch thick boards that are 1 ½ inches wide to 16 inches in length. 

 If you can’t find 1x3 boards at your local store, rip a 1x4 down on a table saw. 

Here is a look at the pine boards cut down to size. 

Create Pocket Holes

Use a pocket hole jig to create two pocket holes at the end of each long board. Set it for ¾ inch thick stock. 

Connect Boards

Use 1 ¼ inch long pocket hole screws to attach the boards. 

Router Time!

Create a ¼ inch deep by ½ inch rabbet or inset for the plywood. 

Insert Image

Here is what the inset will look like.

Cut Plywood

Use a circular saw to cut the ¼ inch plywood to size. It should be cut to fit in the inset. 

Use a miter saw to cut a 45 degree angle at each corner of the plywood so it will fit. 


It’s time to paint! I used 1 can of Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer in Satin Oxford Blue for the frame. I used 1 can of Krylon Chalkboard Paint in Black on the plywood to create the chalkboard. The coverage is great and I used 3 coats total. 

Always wear proper safety equipment while spraying paint. Make sure to be in a well-ventilated area or to use a respirator and always read the safety and application instructions on the can for additional information. The EZ touch tips on Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer make it so you can spray the cans upside down which makes getting the paint in all the nooks and crannies very simple.  

For Krylon ColorMaster Paint+ Primer, I waited about 10 minutes between coats. The paint dries fast which helped me create this project in no time. It sprayed on evenly without any drips or runs. 

Attach Chalkboard

Once the paint is dry, attach the chalkboard from the back using ½ inch nails. I used an 18 gauge nailer.   Make sure to wait the full twenty four hours before first use with chalk on the Chalkboard Paint surface.

Add Trim

Attach the ½ inch thick trim boards to separate the panels. Use ¾ inch long nails. 

Secure Coat Hangers

Space the coat hangers evenly and attach using ½ inch long screws. 

Hang on Your Wall

Find the studs in the wall and then secure using 3-inch long wood screws.


I hope this DIY tutorial inspires you to build a chalkboard coat rack for your home and family. Please like, share, and take action if you found this post helpful! Download the FREE chalkboard coat rack plans here to get started today! Cheers from Montana. - Pete

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