October 12, 2015

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Coming at you with another new series for the site, here! Introducing the Bi-Weekly Roundup Post! We want to feature those that are out there building great DIY projects. Tune in every other Monday to see whats new in the world of woodworking, concrete working, and other DIY projects. These videos are in no particular order, we think they're all equally great projects and builders. This is Week 1 and its theme is Modern Projects.

Bi-Weekly Roundup

Week 1: Modern Projects

Modern, clean, minimal design is hard to beat! I love doing DIY projects that have a clean aesthetic, minimal design, and modern look/feel. Its a category and niche all of its own! Let's take a look, this week, at the top 5 modern themed projects as of lately. These links will lead to the project designers YouTube videos and page.

Number 1 – The Knot Table by Kyle Toth

This guy does amazing work! Kyle is a traditionally trained woodworker coming out of California. I love how artistic this project and all of his projects are, he really has a creative mind. This is not a How To or DIY video, rather it follows his own process of making it without instructions. His GoPro filming gets you right in on the action too.

Number 2 – Mid Century Modern Coffee Cabinet by Make Something

David always put out excellent projects. This one does not disappoint, a clean, modern coffee cabinet. He shows techniques such as edge banding that most all cabinet shops do, its a great thing to know how to do yourself. This video is all about the build.

Number 3 – Modern Concrete Paver Planter by Ana White

You can't go wrong with any of Ana White's projects! This is a great, simple project that can be accomplished in an afternoon. I really like the final look of her modern concrete and wood planter, keep it up Ana!

Number 4 – Outdoor Sofa by HomeMadeModern

Ben of Homemade Modern is the master of DIY modern projects. This video shows you how to make a simple outdoor sofa that looks very clean and nice. The project shouldn't take you that long to make and makes a great addition to your patio.

Number 5 – Modern Style Desk by Darbin Orvar

I just discovered Darbin Orvar and I am loving what she has to offer! This is a very simple project that looks so nice when complete. She goes into an interesting staining technique in this video that you'll have to check out.

Thanks for tuning into the very first Bi-Weekly Roundup! Show these awesome builders some love and be sure to check back  every other Monday for a new Roundup! Cheers from Montana.

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