October 26, 2015

Welcome back to the Bi-Weekly Roundup, Week 2 – Top 5 Rustic Projects! We want to feature those that are out there building great DIY projects. Tune in every other Monday to see whats new in the world of woodworking, concrete working, and other DIY projects. These videos are in no particular order, we think they're all equally great projects and builders. This is Week 2 and its theme is Rustic Projects.

Bi-Weekly Roundup 

Week 2: Rustic Projects

Rustic has been the name of the game for quite some time now, with so many makers doing great projects! I, too, love making rustic pieces for my home and cabin in Montana. Let's take a look, this week, at the top 5 rustic themed projects online. These links will lead to the project designers YouTube videos and page.

Number 1 – How to build a Rustic Headboard… by BeachBumLivin

This is a great project by Beach Bum Livin! If you're looking for a unique, gate-style, rustic headboard, then check this out. He keeps the tool list minimal, this project shouldn't take too long and is easy on the budget. Check out some of his other projects too.

Number 2 – Rustic, pallet-wood bath cabinet by Steve Ramsey

Steve shows us a great pallet project that won't take too long to make. A very nice, rustic bath cabinet. Steve goes over wood selection, taking time to highlight the imperfections of the wood, adding to that rustic look. This is a great beginner project.

Number 3 – Awesome Rustic Magazine Rack by Shane Conlan

Coming at ya with Shane from Down Under! This is a great, easy to accomplish project that has a nice, rustic, reclaimed look. He goes over the build (which can be accomplished with only one to two saws) and some nice finishing, painting techniques. These magazine racks make a nice touch to any rustic environment.

Number 4 – How to Make DIY Rustic Wood Wall Art by Serena Appiah

Serena walks us through making a simple, rustic wall art piece. This is a great project for beginners and those rustic-themed enthusiasts. Add any custom text to your piece, help add uniqueness to your room, and make on a budget!

Number 5 – Rustic Woodworking by Pinetar Robyn Homestead

This is not a how to tutorial with speaking or voice over involved, but is a very nice project! You can figure out how to make it on your own if you watch closely enough. The whole video has a relaxing feel and the project turns out great. Learn how to make a rustic oak door out of reclaimed oak pallets!

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