June 16, 2015

9 gift ideas for the DIY Dad

9 gift ideas for the DIY DadSo you have a DIY dad, and you have a pretty good idea what he loves to do. It's easy to get caught up in a last-minute pass through Walmart and simply buy him a DVD or a new pack of underwear and socks. But your dad doesn't have time for movies–he's busy in the shop! So why not take a few extra minutes and get him something he'll enjoy? Something that will feed his passions. This speaks volumes about how you love him and appreciate what he values.

Here are 9 gift ideas for the DIY Dad. Some of these might take a little research or work, but hey, this is Dad we're talking about. Enjoy!

A Handmade Craft

Perhaps you're fairly crafty yourself. You can't get any more unique than a handmade gift. For this Father's Day, I'm giving my dad one of my handmade writing pens. But even if you didn't inherit the hammer-wielding gene, you could check with a craft shop or pick something up at a local craft fair. Get something you know he'll like.

A DIY Class

Call your local home improvement store or woodworking store and see what kind of classes they offer. Pick one you think your dad would enjoy. He might even meet some new friends who share the same interests. Another great resource for Dad is the Ryobi Nation website which is a project sharing community.

DIY Events or Shows

Do an internet search to find out if there are any DIY shows or events being held in your area. Every year here in Atlanta, we have a huge woodworking show.

A Book or Magazine Subscription

Don't pick just any book or magazine. Choose one that speaks to his hobby. Find something that will enable him to get better at what he does. Or something that will inspire future projects and ideas.

A New Tool

This one might take more thought, especially if you're not familiar with Dad's hobbies and projects. But maybe you could call one of his buddies and get some ideas. Even Mom might be able to give some guidance. And Pete has a great resources page with all sorts of tool recommendations. You can easily order tools for dad from Home Depot or Amazon.com.

A Special Trip

Treat Dad to a trip or excursion related to his hobby. Say Dad makes birdhouses. Maybe you could take him to a local park for the day or a birdwatching event. Does he enjoy gardening? Maybe your town has some botanical gardens he would enjoy visiting.

Picture Collage

This one will take a little more effort, but one weekend while Dad is out of town, bring in a local photographer and take pictures of some of Dad's finest works. Then pick a great looking frame that will showcase those photos. This could be a photo of a single project or a collage of several projects. A great place to easily print photos is over at EasyCanvasPrints.com.

Write Something About Him

You may not have thought about this, but this gesture can mean a lot. Put some words to paper and tell Dad how much you appreciate him. You could tell him how his hobbies have inspired you. Highlight his creativeness and resourcefulness. Or simply list projects he has built over the years and reflect on the special memories surrounding those projects. If you're good at creative writing, you could right a poem or a story about him and his hobby.

A Gift Card

Okay, maybe you have one of those dads that already has every tool imaginable, and you've exhausted all the other items on this list. I saved this one for last, but still it's a good option. So buy him a gift card from his favorite hobby or DIY store. DIY people can be rather selective, and a gift card gives him the freedom to make better choices. You can buy and print off a gift card from either HomeDepot.com or Amazon.com.

I wish you and your dad the best this year. I hope these 9 gift ideas will serve you well this Father's Day. Feel free to share other gift ideas you have for your DIY dad in the comments below!

About the Author:

“Scott Johnson is an engineer by trade, but has been a do-it-yourselfer all his life. He loves making things and showing others the DIY way of life. Scott particularly loves woodworking projects for around the home, and he regularly produces handmade writing pens. To learn more about Scott's crafts and DIY projects visit his website at www.FourOaksCrafts.com.

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