Thanks for staying onboard!

Thanks so much for your support and interest in future DIY project emails from DIY Pete. We are cleaning our email list so we only get emails to those who truly want project updates, video announcements, and DIY inspiration.

I'm excited because we are in the process of moving our plans, site, and upcoming courses to a new platform which will make it much easier to download plans and view courses because everything will be in one place. In addition, we are moving our email marketing to the same platform so everything will be linked together which will help improve communication an follow ups after plans are downloaded or purchased.

All is well out in Montana and my wife and I are excited for warmer weather. My acl surgery went great and I'm recovering well. Our 9 month old Jack is crawling everywhere, pulling himself up on things, and starting to babble.

As for projects, I'm really looking forward to ramping things up for 2023.

Thanks for your support!


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