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I live in Montana where humidity is not an issue at all. My farmhouse dining table never has had any issues in warping, bending, or twisting. If you’re living in Florida, Georgia, or somewhere else with high humidity, know that it is definitely more likely to have movement. There are a few key factors to consider when building to make sure it won’t be an issue for you either!

1) Make sure you purchase dried out wood, either kiln or air dried. Do not construct the table until you are sure the wood is completely dry.
2) Use glue sparingly on your joints to allow the wood to expand and contract. As I make more and more woodworking projects, I’m finding just how amazing the power of a solid wood glue like Gorilla Wood Glue is. For a project like the Farmhouse Table, though, you’ll want to use glue carefully. You want the wood to be able to naturally move with the seasons. Use glue sparingly!
3) Recognize that if you’re living in a very humid area, it could be a possibility that the wood could shift so do everything in your power to avoid it becoming an issue.
4) The Kreg Jig is a great joinery system that is perfect for the average DIYer. Other types of more advanced joinery like mortise and tenons will reduce the chances of movement even more, yet pocket hole joinery with a Kreg Jig works great!

Here is a good reference from Fine Woodworking magazine (click the underlined text) about other, more advanced options for securing tabletops and breadboard ends.

We often get questions in comments, email, and messages that a lot of you are asking time and time again. I want to help answer those and have put together this frequently asked questions page for you. If there are any others you'd like to see answered, please comment below.

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