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My goal is to inspire and instruct others to just get out and build great DIY projects. I do this by designing, building, and documenting my own projects to share what I've learned with folks all over the world, thanks to the Internet!

Almost all of my content has always been free.

To produce all this content, I spend money on building supplies, tools, and recording equipment, and I invest lots and lots of time. I make some money through ads and affiliate relationships, but folks also choose to pay for my plans or donate and I really really appreciate it.

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If you find my detailed plans helpful, please consider paying for them. It's always an option to pay $0, but I hope you find value in them. I invest hours and hours into each plan, detailing every step, filming and editing video, and creating the project in Google Sketchup. Click on the double chair to check out the full catalog of plans!

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One of the ways I make income is through affiliate relationships. Basically, if you make a purchase after clicking through one of my links, I make a small percentage of the sale (it doesn't cost anything extra to you!). Here are three great places you might purchase from:

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I've had a number of folks reach out who are not comfortable sending a donation online. If this includes you, donations are always welcome to be sent to my mailing address. Or if you feel like sending a note to say hi, I'd love to hear from you. All handwritten notes go up on my cork board in the office 🙂

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