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Our tutorials are posted in blog form and include lots of photos of the process and a link to the corresponding Youtube video. They are not quite as detailed as the plans—they do not have a cut list and numbered step-by-step instructions. The tutorials are a great resource to browse for action photos and get an overview of the project to see what you're getting into!

Wood working is a great place to start with DIY projects. Wood is relatively soft and easy to cut compared to metal or concrete. Projects can come together quickly and you can apply a variety of finishes, from stains to paints.

For woodworking DIY projects, you'll need a few basic tools and a saw or two. You can get by with just a jig saw, but a miter saw and a circular saw are nice to have on hand, and you can work your way up to a table saw (pictured here).

Metals are very strong and hard, so they create strong, lasting projects. Metal work can be great for signage and art, or to provide heavy duty structure in combination with other materials.

Metal work uses a grinder for cutting and sanding, a welder, and safety gear like leather gloves and a special welding helmet. I use a plasma cutter to cut intricate designs for signage. Be prepared for sparks and metal dust around your shop!

Concrete countertops and tables are popular these days for their strength and smoothness, and the ability to make custom shapes, cutouts, and colors. 

Concrete projects require a bit more patience, and it's nice to have an extra set of hands around when it comes time to move them—concrete is heavy! You'll use wood working tools to build a frame or a mold, then cut and place metal rebar for strength into the wet, mixed concrete. 

A lot of my DIY projects are based around updating my 1970s home to a modern, Scandinavian look. 

I cover building projects from doors to shelving, as well as a bathroom renovation and how to install your washer and dryer!

Home improvement and backyard projects will use a combination of all different materials, depending on what you're going for. Concrete is a long lasting material for tables and floors. Wood projects can be great too but definitely require some heavy duty finishing/sealing if they're going to live outside.

I've spent the last three winters building and perfecting a backyard hockey rink... with a great view of the Rocky Mountains! 

I've learned a ton along the way and have had the rink featured in a few different publications. If you're thinking about building your own rink, I've got all the info on just what you'll need, from tools, materials, and a water calculator, to rink accessories and my favorite snowblower.

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