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Here is a list of the business resources including products, software, and services I use to run my online businesses. I only recommend these resources because I have either used them or know they are a valuable tool for small businesses.

Bluehost logo

Bluehost is the hosting service I use for 100% of the websites I create. This includes both and They have a 1 click Wordpress integration which makes it so easy to start a website or a blog. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Bluehost to any entrepreneur or person wanting to build a website. You can build multiple websites under one hosting account which is awesome. They have a great US based customer service team and the company has a fantastic reputation. Get started building your website today! If you use this link to purchase hosting please send me a note and we'll set up a 10 minute call so I can personally wish you good luck and answer a couple questions you may have. 

elegant themes

Elegant Themes is one of the best Wordpress Themes currently on the market. DIY Pete's website is going to transition to this theme's layout shortly. I currently use the theme on and love how easy it is to use. I'd recommend the Divi theme specifically, which makes it easy to customize a website with a professional touch.

Big Commerce

Big Commerce is my favorite shopping cart for selling stuff online. You can setup a store and a couple products in just a few hours and the total cost is $29 / month. I use Big Commerce for my e-commerce store named and the investment in an online store has paid off tremendously. Etsy is an option if you want to test the waters, but if you are serious about selling your products and creating a business then I'd highly recommend getting set up with Big Commerce from the start. They have a Free trial, and you can always cancel at anytime. Plus, use Stripe and or Paypal to take credit cards without any monthly fees! Click here to start an online store to sell your stuff!

Grasshopper Coupon

Grasshopper is a company that provides 800 numbers for entrepreneurs for as little as $12 per month. You get unlimited extensions, calls forwarded to you and your employee's smartphones, and the ability to run your business on the go. An 800 number builds credibility and will make your business seem bigger to your customers. I've used Grasshopper since 2011 for my E-commerce store and it's been a life saver. I'd highly recommend Grasshopper to any Entrepreneur. Click here to get the Exclusive DIYPETE/ThinkEntrepreneurship coupon of $75 off. This coupon will cover all the costs for the first few months.

99 Designs

99 Designs is a super cool company I use for design work. They do logos and all kinds of graphics work. You'll pay about $299 for a logo and will have dozens of designers submitting logo ideas to you. Within 7 days you'll have dozens of amazing logos to choose from and can modify your logo until everything looks perfect. I plan to update the DIYPETE logo using 99 Designs as well! I've used 99 Designs numerous times and love crowdsource logo design. Click here to get your own logo!


Audible is by far my favorite way to learn and consume information. I love listening to books when I'm running, at the gym, in the car, or working on DIY projects out in the garage. I think of Audible as an investment in my continuing education. I like business books and some of my favorites are  Essentialism, The Compound Effect, and The Miracle Morning. Get for first Audiobook FREE by using this link! 

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