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DIY Simple Workbench

simple workbench, diy workbench

For this week’s tutorial, I help my good friend George build a DIY simple workbench for his new home. He has been wanting to get into DIY projects and needed a workbench to get started on projects, in his garage. We made this simple, yet very functional and sturdy workbench to put in his garage. This […]

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DIY Pete’s 10 Most Popular Projects

diy pete, woodworking, diy, concrete

I wanted to resurface some of my more popular DIY Projects that I have done in the past. The first project that I ever posted on YouTube was an in-depth tutorial on how to build a Farmhouse Dining Table. That and other woodworking and concrete working how to projects have continually seen growth and attention […]

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How to start Selling your DIY Projects

We wanted to walk you through the different options of selling your DIY projects online. We do have insight into this considering we have sold on varying platforms from Etsy to Shopify to Bigcommerce and more. Which is best though? What will work best for your business? Let’s dive in and take a closer look! Shopify and […]

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