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1. Subscribe to my Youtube channel so you can watch all the latest project videos. They break down each step to make building projects easy. You can also see all of my videos by clicking on the videos tab in the main menu. In the video below I break down the steps involved in making a Farmhouse style dining table. This is one of the most popular projects on DIYPETE.com


DIY-PETE-Podcast-Logo I have a couple episodes that I'd highly recommend listening to if you are wanting to get started with woodworking and DIY Projects. The podcast is full of helpful DIY tips and tricks. I also interview artists, expert craftspeople, and inspiring DIY'ers to share their stories with you.  Simply click on a link to go to the podcast where you can either listen on your computer or subscribe on iTunes. Podcasts are great to listen to on your commute, while running errands, while walking the dog, or when you are at the gym. Episode 2: How to Get into Woodworking and the Best Free Resources to Learn from Episode 3: The Tools You Need to Get Started in Woodworking Click here for the Complete List of Podcast Episodes

Step 2: Learn the tools of the trade

First off, let me tell you that you don't have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on tools. You can get started by borrowing tools from friends, finding used tools on Craigslist, or by slowly building up your inventory from local stores or Amazon. Check out my Resources Page to see my recommendations on what tools you'll want to start acquiring.

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Step 4: Check out the top 5 DIY PETE Project Tutorials

1. Farmhouse Dining Table 2. Concrete Table 3. Rustic Coffee Table 4. Double Chair Patio Bench 5. Cornhole Toss Game Set  To see more wood projects, simply click on the “Wood” tab in the main menu. Metal Projects are under “Metal” and concrete projects are under “Concrete.”


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If you want to inspire others with your DIY skills I'd definitely recommend starting a blog just like I did! The video below shows the process of setting up your own blog. You can check out my Start a Blog page for even more details! Disclaimer: I do get a commission for tools and products I recommend on this site. By clicking on one of my affiliate links to buy a product, you are helping support the DIY PETE website and ensuring I am able to continue to focus on making free tutorials and content to share with you. Thanks!!

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