Make Four in a Row Game

This Four in a Row board is a really fun addition to any back yard.  It's enjoyable for everyone in the family to play!  The board has a fun look to it when it is out but easily stows against the wall of your house.  This project is lots of fun to make and really rewarding to finish!  I hope you try it out! Thanks!

Gather supplies, materials, and tools

Tools Needed

Miter Saw​– I’d recommend a 12 inch miter saw
Table Saw OR Circular Saw
Impact Driver (Optional)
Orbital Sander​– Ryobi makes a nice one.
Nail Gun

5″ Hole Saw
6″ Hole Saw

Tape measure, straight edge, pencil

Eye, ear, and hand protection
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Shopping List

Laminated Plywood
Spray Paint

Cut the plywood to size

The first task in this project is to cut the plywood to size.  You will need to use a table saw or circular saw to cut two equal sized pieces out of the plywood sheet.  These will form the sides of the Four in a Row Board.

Cutting plywood to size

Cutting Plywood to size

Drill the slots for the game pieces

Next you we will cut out the slots in the board for the game pieces and we will cut out the pieces themselves.  On the cut boards you will need to measure out a grid of 6×7 holes that are spaced evenly.  Use a hole saw to cut out these slots.  Sand the edges of the slots as the will be rough after the hole saw.

Next, cut out the game pieces.  Use the larger hole saw to cut circles out of the additional plywood.  Try to get as many as you can out of the plywood, you should get around 32 pieces.  Sand all of the edges of the circles.

Use hole saw to drill slots

Using a hole saw to cut game pieces

Paint the Four in a Row

Now you will have to paint the game board.  After you have sanded the boards, make sure they are free of saw dust.  Then put a light coat of spray paint on.  Once that has dried, give the boards a light sanding and then put at least 2 additional coats of spray paint on.

Note: I chose to leave my game pieces with a natural wooden look but if you want to paint them, follow the same process as for the boards.

Painting the Game Board

Painting the Game Board

Attach the sides together

Place the 8 spacers, strips of wood that we cut, between the two game boards and between each of the rows. Use a nail gun to attach each board to each spacer.  Add the legs to each end of the game board and fasten the bottom stop between them.

Nailing the sides together

Nailing the sides together

Play some Four in a Row!

Now its time to enjoy your new Four in a Row board!

For a more complete tutorial please visit Ryobi Nation.
Four in a row finished