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Everyday my inbox is filled up with 10-20 questions from fellow DIY'ers like yourself. Many of the questions would help and inspire many more DIY'ers if I could share the questions and answers on a Podcast available to all DIY'ers for free.

Thus, I am going to devote this show towards helping you and making sure your projects go well. I want to inspire you to create!

Each question and answer show will range between 10-15 minutes.  So you'll be able to listen to each episode while commuting to work, out walking the dog, or the gym.


Submitting a Question

This podcast is meant to help you with your projects and to inspire. It is a fun and informal show where you will be able to learn about a variety of DIY related topics.

  1. Please keep your questions under 1 minute long.
  2. If you have a business or website, please share it only once.
  3. Spammy or rude questions will not be considered for the podcast.

All you need to leave a question is a computer and a built in microphone. Please ask away!!

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